Spring 2007 - Courier

  1. [​IMG]


    Sorry for the bad quality, I took the easy way => taking a picture.. :shame:

    Found it in a magazine specialized only for every season's accessories...
  2. ^ that cowhair (or is it suede?) one is not the courrier, it's the mens day
  3. Sorry:shame: , didn't know its a men's day bag...... I think its suede...
  4. That courier is hot!
  5. :sad: i still dont understand why they cant just release the mens day in the same colors as the other b bags.

    the suede looks pretty nice though.

    but still...
  6. 07 doesn't seem too exciting...can't get any in s'pore as yet. love to get one SS07 City in a nice color. Pray!