Spring 2006 Fendi Spy Bags You'll Sell Your Soul For

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  1. Or maybe you won't sell...your soul, maybe something similarly precious. That is, if you are a spy bag fanatic. I have been in contact with a Fendi rep who sent me these very exclusive pics of the new very expensive very limited spys, and I thought I would share them with you all, as I gasped when I saw them. (I am actually not a big spy bag fan, but even I can appreciate the work involved in these.) I will have to post the pics one by one, as they are pretty big attachments.

    Also if not everyone has responded to my desperate plea for help in another thread, "Need URGENT help spending money on new Bag!" I would appreciate your feedback. I have just posted more pics too.
    "CRACKLED SUEDE" LIMITED EDITION line of spy bags.
    There are only 15 available for the U.S.
    I think Lohan has this one.
  2. img176.jpg

    embroidery on denim. Very limited, and will only be for
    on a reserve list.
  3. Sadly, my other pictures are too big for the forum attachment limit. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to solve this problem and get the pics up?
  4. I love the 2nd one.
  5. You could get a free image editing program like Irfanview and scale the pictures down.

    I like the first one.. but the price is probably ridiculous !
  6. TOKYO SQUIRREL???? hehehe
  7. do you know how much this bag costs?
  8. Not a fan of the spy bag either but these two are true arm candy!
  9. Wow. I'm in love. The second bag is definately my favorite.
  10. Hi, I emailed the pics to the site and they are going to downsize them for us. I will get pricing information as well within a few days, but I know they range $5,000+++. Up to $20,000! If any of you girls can afford these bags, I want to be your best friend!
  11. Will post more info as it comes to me.
  12. nice! That suede one looks a lot like the tulle spy.
  13. is it actually that limited? i saw it on elux i think 2 days ago...it's really pretty though!
  14. I've seen a second hand one for the squirrel spy but it's quite worn out.