Spring 2006 Color Question

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  1. I vote for the emerald! I think I'd like the rust in person, but it's hard to match clothing with.
  2. Im in on the Emerald. It is so pretty.
  3. I bought the emerald twiggy and absolutely love it. The rust also catches my eye, but I tend not to be an orangish-red sort of person. Warm yellow hues make me look like I have jaundice. Those two are my favorite in terms of summer colors.
  4. I don't like any of these 3 but if I must choose one then it'll be the emerald.
  5. I'm not much of a fan of those colors now... I initially liked the sound of emerald but having actually seen it, I'm not so hot on that color anymore either especially with the leather... eesh. If I had to choose, probably the camel/beige one.
  6. The emerald, I think--but, I need to go to Barneys to take a look in person. Or maybe I'm better off if I don't. I seem to be getting into trouble lately with b'bags.
  7. I am dreaming of a b-bag in Truffle! It will be a must have bag for me!
  8. i'm picking the emerald! :-0
  9. I actually saw a rust twiggy today at NM and it was absolutely TDF :love: :love:
  10. I actually just received the rust in the mail today and it's different than how I'd pictured it. I'd previously seen a picture of it and it had looked like a bright orange-red - IRL, it's more of a bright (very bright) maybe pumpkin-color orange - I don't see as much red in it as I'd thought there would be. It will probably be a color that people either love or hate and it will also be difficult to match with clothing. I adore it, but it probably won't appeal to everyone.

    The green is different than I thought it would be too - maybe a little deeper than the bright emerald I'd pictured. And the beige/camel color is basically just a slightly darker shade than the Fall 2005 Caramel.

    The leather on these is not the greatest - still pretty shiny and veiny (and my SA hand-picked these, so I can imagine how bad some of the others might be), so keep that in mind if the newer leather bothers you.
  11. Congrats on your new bags, style101! What styles did you get? Please post pics!
  12. I haven't seen any of the these three in person yet, but I have a feeling I will like the camel the best.
  13. I'll definitely try to post some pics as soon as I can - I'm curious how the rust will photograph as well, since it looks different than what I'd imagined.
  14. Thanks. I can't wait to see them. What type of bag did you get? I am one of the so-called "haters" of this color, but perhaps it was the bag that I saw. (I saw it in the hobo.) I would be curious to see it in a smaller style bag as I think it might not be as overwhelming. Did you get the cognac and the emerald colors too?