Spring '10 is up!

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  1. Spring is up on the treesje website...is it me or does the spring line seem a lot smaller/limited to few colors/styles than I thought it would be?? Must be because of the tres chic line you think?
  2. I love the Brixton, revolution, and the strike. I wish they had gunmetal HW, though.
  3. Thanks for the heads up! You're right, there really aren't that many styles/colours this season... I wonder why that is? The diffusion line could be one possible reason, but it does seem odd that they'd reduce the main collection for a "full" season like Spring (as opposed to the Holiday seasons which usually see fewer new designs/releases, I think).

    Oh, and there's no sign of the Outlaw collection?? I didn't see the Clyde hobo there, but that one is still supposed to be released, no?
  4. Oh my...that Jungle Green color is driving me bananas!!!!:faint:
  5. when can bags from this collection be bought???
  6. i love the brixton and the asher!!!!
  7. I agree, I really like those too. It says the hardware is gold but it looks silver in the pics. Gunmetal is my favorite, but if the brixton mini in blue or green has silver, I think it will be on my wishlist!
  8. I love the Brixton and Mini Brixton! Super adorable! I was hoping they would continue the Magnolia in some spring colors :sad: The Rebel looks to similar to my Audrey, the Marley and the Turner I already have, and the Asher is just to plain for me right now. Wow, I guess I will only be adding one more to my collection this season...so sad, really wanted more to lust over. I would love to see the Jungle Green IRL, I am sure it is TDF.
  9. Cheryl24, Your comment is very cute and so right. The Jungle color (gorgeous green) is to die for. I love love love it.
  10. My Obsessions has some of these up for preorder, but of course that's not the same as actually having them on the way. And they don't have all the pics up yet. It's silly, but I still want to see a picture on the website when I'm buying it.
  11. I wonder what happened to the mini magnolia? I remember reading treesje is gonna make it for spring? Maybe it was made a lb exclusive instead, and they don't see much demand for it? I really wanted one in pink..: (
  12. I would like a Magnolia in just about any color, but the only one I've seen is that mini on LB site, and I want a full-sized one. It doesn't look like there will be any for Spring...:shucks:
  13. Yup, it's only being released as an LB exclusive for now. I don't think there are any current plans to release it as a non-exclusive bag either, since Treesje usually releases bags in collections and the Divino collection is definitely not returning for Spring '10. Last I heard, there weren't any concrete plans to bring back the Divino collection (and by extension, no plans for the Magnolia or Mini Magnolia as part of the regular production line, I suppose), but that was around the end of last year (when Sheila and Laura did their LB chat).
  14. There's no full size Rebel in the Spring collection? The Brixton looks amazing, I wonder when that bag will show up in stores? I wish more of their bags had the gunmetal hardware, but I've grown to love the gold too. For those girls who are only into GM, I was right there with you before I ventured over to this subforum. I was reluctant to order a bag with gold hardware, but if any brand can do gold right, it's Treesje. I even have the Charlie in Timoro. Now that's a lot of gold hardware, but I love it! I'm a changed woman! I urge you to give it a try!
  15. ooooh, it does look like they've scaled down the collection quite a bit, not as many colors per style. blame it on the economy!

    I'd die for a mini/magnolia in viola, *sigh*... eyeing the nude... hmm, i think i've maxed out on bags but there aren't any i'd want to let go of!

    I'm kind of surprised there aren't any new magnolias, I thought they did pretty well when they re-released last season, but considering the exclusive mini on LB is still available I'm guessing interest wasn't as good as they expected? sad :sad: