Spring '09 colors at BalNY yesterday

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  1. For anyone that hasn't seen these colors IRL yet, or is looking for specific spring bags....I was at Bal store in NYC yesterday. They had the Blue Layette color, it's soooo pretty! They had a City bag with GSH displayed and some larger bags in the back (Work, Part Time, etc) They just got in Maldives in the City style, regular hardware and they might have had a First in the back....It's a really GORGEOUS seafoam green color. Darker than Vert D'eau with more character to it. The blue Officier color was unmistakably dark bue and not black...Just a little darker than marine....Also, really beautiful.
    Framboise is very pretty and if you missed out on Bubblegum pink, it's a great bag to get...I was carrying my Bubblegum pink bag so I could compare the two. I think I still liked the bubblegum pink bag better because it was more vibrant. The Framboise is a softer pink.
    They also had the limited edition Silver mirror colored bags. They look exactly like they do in the pics....
  2. thanks for the update !!! i'm curious if you were able to compare the 08 marine to the 09 officier ? you mentioned that 09 is darker... is it a true dark navy or does it have an inkish undertone? TIA !!!
  3. No, couldn't compare because I didn't see Marine. But I guess it was darker than marine with inkish undertone. I was just mentioning that it definitely didn't look black....
  4. Wow, thanks for the update! The maldives sounds exactly what i was hoping for. I was going to give up my bubblegum when i got my framboise. But now i am wondering if i should? So you think the bubblegum is still more vibrant?
    Keeping my fingers crossed that officier is dark and inky.
  5. If you don't need to sell your BG when you get Framboise, I would keep it. I sold mine because I felt they were too similar to justify both, but I kinda regret selling the BG as it was such a perfect pink. The Framboise is pretty too and I don't regret getting it, but the BG is a prettier pure pink and worth keeping I think.
  7. Yes, it's definitely more vibrant. I put my bubblegum right next to the Framboise bag to compare them (because in the photos they look so similar). That's why I brought my Bubblegum bag to the store actually. I thought the same thing, that I would sell the Bubblegum bag and buy the Framboise bag because the picture on the Bal website looks so pretty! In real life when comparing the two, the Framboise bag looked a little blah.
    I think you'll be very happy with Maldives and Officier....
  8. Thanks for the updates marla! Sounds very tempting, the Maldives and Officier...
  9. :yahoo: Thanks for the update!!! I can't wait for the colors to reach my local B!!!!!

    Which will take at least one month (March) :crybaby::cursing: I just don't understand why there's such a huge difference!!!!!! :shrugs:
  10. Everything sounds so tempting!
  11. Was the maldives more turquoise or green? Do you remember?
  12. Really more of an aqua (light colored blue/green)....More green, though, than the Blue Layette....
  13. How exciting! Thanks for the update.
  14. wow..thanks for the update!! Is blue layette more on the baby blue (very light)? or true light blue color? Which past colors are similar to blue layette? TIA!!
  15. Mmm, I'm in for a Maldives work or city with GSH :drool:. I really can't wait to see the Maldives IRL (pics anybody? ;)) The Officier sounds gorgeous too. Thanks Marla for doing the legwork. I was wondering, what about the granny colour that's supposed to be like 05 apple? I suppose it won't be released till later in the season. I'm interested in something in the granny colour :woohoo: