Spring 08...

  1. Hi Mulberry Gals. Just saw the Spring 08 handbags on the Mulberry site...and...I'm...not...so...thrilled...with...the...direction.... :s

    How do you feel about it? It looks like they lost their way -- or am I simply out of touch with the new direction?

    Are you loving it? Do share what YOU think. :shrugs:
  2. Well I`m quite new to Mulberry it was the Mabel that first drawn me to the brand.

    I loved the fact that all their bags were such lovely leather and a bit different from the rest of the" Designer" bags.

    I think that this seasons bags do not look like Classic Mulberry and I would not know they were Mulberry if I see one (apart from a couple)of safe options they have left in.

    Maybe its the way fowards for Mulberry but its not the Mulberry that I like!!
  3. ^^^^ I have only just noticed that the white Poppy bag is £2000:wtf:,
    Ostrich of course!!!
  4. I totally agree with you Tara! Hope they don´t change direction for good!:crybaby:
    By the way, saw your family pics and you have a great family! A cat is a really nice gift! Don´t think DH will ever present a pet to me as a gift, maybe another lizard to accompany the one he got for himself, huh! (Little lizard isn´t all horrible though - don´t want him to become a purse anyway!)
  5. Awwww your cats are lovely!! My boy here is only a moggy but I'm bloody besotted with him :heart:

    I love Mulberry for its beautiful neutral coloured leathers.....the gorgeous oak and choc that weather so beautifully (my E/W Bayswater is only 2 months old and is already developing a rich patina). I wish they'd bring out a conker-brown colour! Plasticky white and yellow is NOT what I want :sad:
  6. I love the Mollie - I think it may go on my "later in the year" list, especially if it also comes in black :heart:

    Also love the Continental wallet I posted earlier.

    The man bags are hilarious - my DH was laughing his head off when I asked if he'd carry any of them :lol:
  7. ^^^^ Love your cat!!! actually I think sometimes "moggies" make the best pets not so much temperment!!!

    Back on topic!! I think that from what I`ve read in some mags, yellow and white are going to be big colours this season(don`t know about Plastic?)
    Didn`t think that Mulberry would be taking this route??
  8. I agree that if I saw one of these new Mulberrys...I would never know it was a Mulberry. So, I will just try to catch up and buy my faves and then stand aside. Also, these new bags seem so much more expensive-- and the look, for instance, of the Poppy -- is not at all distinctive...just another hobo type bag. Sigh.
  9. Don't know too many men that could pull of the man's Bailey bag. Was seriously disapointed with the women's bags. I'm off to find the Mulberry CEO's trend comments. From what I recall about the article- they've missed the boat on their own intentions.
  10. I think because they had a "It" bag hit with the Mabel they may be trying to shake up the brand and make it Universal (read more competetive with eg Chloe incl Price), unfortunately all they have managed to do (IMO) is alienate those consumers who have purchased Mulberry due to it's quality, style and the fact it's under the Radar.
  11. Well, I've mixed feelings. Mollie is definitely traditional Mulberry and I'm liking it a lot.
    I like the style of Poppy altho I agree it is just another hobo! I really like Mabel in pebble or sand and the pink continental wallet is definitely going on my 'gotta buy' list.
    I'm a bit worried about the outside influences coming through - Miu Miu, Celine. Mulberry has always had its own style and it should stick to it IMO.
    They did this type of thing a few years ago, again with a S/S collection - it went what I call 'Radley' style - different leathers, ice cream colours - but the next winter they were back to what they do best, rugged leathers in browns, blacks & oaks.
  12. Moggy? Is that a totally unknown crossbreed or something like that? That´s my cat then! You do have a besotting cat as avatar:tup:!

    There is still hope then!?!:shrugs:
  13. ^^^ Thats good news then!! Gives us all a chance to recover our Bank balances!!
  14. I just need to get some of my faves before they disappear entirely...
  15. TG - I now have this image of you staggering out from Shepton Mallet with piles of bags in your arms!!!