Spring '08 Leather Frame Bag

  1. There's rarely a new Fendi that catches my eye, but I thought this one currently available for pre-order at Saks was quite lovely :drool:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I like ths shape and how it's devoid of a logo print (especially the zucca/zucchino one Fendi has been so fond of recently). The $1,680 pricetag doesn't seem too bag for such a large bag either- I may have to look into getting this if they make a black one :graucho:
  2. it looks very miu miu, which to me is a good thing. also a lot like the chef, which i like. i am with you on the no logo fabric thing.
  3. Wow i love the shape and the color.
  4. Wow! its nice! I love frame bags!
  5. Fendi surprises us all the time! The Spy was deliciously bubbly and amorphous; then, the B Bag was uber-chic in its construction and rigidity. And now, the perfect medium! It's a frame bag, but the gathered leather def softens the bag.

    I think I'll have to seriously consider this bag.... :love:
  6. THIS is the ONE FENDI bag I really LOVE this season....I went to FENDI today but they didnt have much.Although I did see a purple colored leather spy but I wasnt a fan of it IRL.
  7. Now available for pre-order in "Mud"- not sure how I feel about this color :s
  8. Oooh! I kind of like this. I agree with Liti that it is quite Miu Miu-esque. I'm thinking a different color from white and mud though. Maybe the brilliant turquoise that they brought out for resort would be interesting. Definitely something to look out for. Thanks for the pics!
  9. Yep - if it came in turq, it would have to come live with me. Turquoise would be spectacular.
  10. I would like to see a modeling pic? Just to see how it looks being used.
  11. :drool::drool::drool: Best new thing Ive seen the old farts at FENDI come up with since the bubble leather Chef shopper...:p