Spring '07 Where is the Info?

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  1. Do we have ANY info whatsoever on the spring line yet? What is coming to the store...what are the prices? When are they arriving?

    I'm spurred by the new Scarlett ads....I want that dang speedy! I don't care if it's patchwork...I want it :hysteric:
  2. Yeah, i'm intrigued by that patchwork speedy as well. Is it made of the denim material??
  3. I think so! I really want it! Finally...something from the spring line that I like....with my luck they won't even release it LOL
  4. LOL..chill Twiggers..
  5. HA HA HA...I LOVE IT!:love: I was thinking to myself today:idea: ...maybe I should start a new thread about "Any New News", basically to try and beg:winkiss: for someone to give us some new info about the Spring bags, but you beat me too it! Clearly, great minds think alike. I asked my SA last week about the bags, and she said they would be getting info very soon, and that they were already starting the "wait lists":wtf: Other than that, I know nothing. HOPEFULLY, when I go to LV this week, I'll be able to get a little more info about these upcoming beauties!:sneaky:
  6. thanks vuitton!!!!!!!!! If you hear anything please do share! I think I'll be calling my SA tomorrow and try to put myself on the waitlist for that speedy!

    Nita: LOL.....I'm excited about the prospect of a bag I actually like from a new line! I've only been collecting LV since April...and since then there hasn't been anything released that I've really gone ga-ga over!
  7. I've been wondering too! I plan on going in after the holidays and putting my name on the wait list for anything that stikes my fancy....
  8. I'll be calling tomorrow....so if I hear anything I'll be sure to pass it on!
  9. I like the LoVe tote bag!
  10. What? Patchwork Speedy? What's that?
  11. I heard at the holiday party, think I mentioned in my party recap, that the LVoe totes and Patchwork were expected out first Feb - march...it seems likely since those are featured in the Scarlett ads.
  12. karen kooper said on myspace:

    "The Launch for the LVOE cabas will be the 9 of february, In time for Valentine's day! There will 2 kind of LVOE cabas, one in satin (green) and one cream (cotton) the price will be about $1600, some bigger LVOE totes will be launched in may/june."
  14. OMG I LOVE :love: the LVOE tote too, but $1600!! ugh I don't think I'll be getting it.
  15. I agree! But I looove it!:love: