Spring 07 Marine & Vermillion

  1. hey girls, here are some photos of the marine + the new hardware.... not a huge fan but i love the color! and also the vermillion, so pretty but not really my kind of thing! ENJOY!

    *waiting for my marine & anthracite city*!
    marine 07.jpg marine 07-2.jpg vermillion 07.jpg
  2. I love that vermillion!!! how eyecatching I think ive got to have it!

    bubblegum pink city and first on their way !!!
    vert d'eau first
    true red first
    marigold yellow compaganon
  3. wow i love the vermillion!! it looks like candy :nuts:
  4. it's super hot! :smile: it's more chili-red than last season's red, i was so tempted to get it but it's not my color so i gave it up to the next person on the waitlist. :smile:
  5. I tweaked the colors in photoshop so that you can see the colors a little clearer :smile:
    marine 07.jpg marine 07-2.jpg vermillion 07.jpg
  6. Thanks for posting the pics! I'm starting to really like that marine colour!
  7. I love the marine with GH !!:nuts: :nuts:
    I saw the vermillion with GH and I didn't like it but this one looks great !!

  8. nice bagsss...
    how much is the one with the new hardware?

  9. Thanks for the great photos! I'm loving marine too.
  10. I agree!!it's beautiful!!:love: :love: :love:
  11. ^^I didn't like the Vermillion I found on ateliernaff.com because it looks so orange but yours is just stunning- are they all THAT different? That's kind of scary if you want to order one IMO:wtf:

    (not that I am thinking about it as I am on a purse ban:rolleyes:)
    2.jpg 3.jpg
  12. Thanks for the pics. I really love marine. It's one of my favorite colors.
  13. Vermilion has really grown on me. its is so pretty!

    thanks for the pics
  14. Thanks for posting those pics, runaway! Would love to see the vermillion IRL...
  15. You're welcome! I have to say the swatches and the bags are very very different IRL.

    I LOVE MARINE, it's so beautiful... just waiting for the marine with the normal hardware to come in, for some reason the Bal girls say that it's backordered everywhere. am sooo tempted to get the one with the gold hardware but feel it's just a touch too bling for me.

    the marine with the gold hardware retails for the same price as the regular ones. (if i remember correctly lol)

    the vermillion is beautiful... if you're into bright colors, i say you should definitely go for it. you can spot the bag from a mile off!