Spring 07 info!

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  1. So I watched the new spring product knowledge video last week and have yet to post about it! Here are some details:

    Signature Stripe totes- The new colors punch and light blue are NOT able to be monogrammed.

    Soho- The collection was updated to add longer drop lengths on the satchels and bags for easier shoulder usage.

    Soho special edition- basically a tamed down version of the current stitched collection, coming in the small and large hobo sizes with some hand braiding on it and lacing.

    Perfume BAGS! - They are bright pink bags and accessories. Imagine the new punch signature stripe tote but instead of khaki signature, it's scarf type material with coach written all over it with little white perfume bottles. There is a super cute makeup pouch with a kiss lock closure I can't wait to get.

    Perfume - The price I heard was 68$, the bottle is cute and square with signature on it.

    Hamptons Weekend - The new plain styles are cute! They are coming in black and white this year and some stores will have green! I think the hangtags are my favorite since there are two circles of contrasting color on them. There are new styles this year too! So not the same ol' totes in 3 sizes.

    Scribble- :sad: It's like a mix of the pastel/primary colors. It's also very "scribbly" and comes in a few styles. I'm not a fan of it.

    Hamptons Weekend Patchwork- It looks like the fourth of july threw up, it's red / white / blue / green / yellow and horrible. There are tons of styles and lots of accessories.

    Hamptons Optic Signature - I'm actually excited for this only because i'm sick of the same optic bags. They'll be in carryall sizes and the classic hamptons hobo. The colors are white, khaki and blue (I think!).

    Straw- All I can remember is they are lined with the perfume bag print :sad:

    Theres a few more things, but I can't remember collection names. Ms. Whitney! Chime in! :yahoo:
  2. thanks for the info! i can't wait to see everything.
  3. thanks so much!!! i'll be interested in seeing the optic stuff!
  4. Can't wait to smell it.
  5. also the straw bags and perfume sound so cute. Can't wait to see all of it.
  6. They didn't even describe it! I wish they did because it's going to suck having the sample in the store and kids spraying it all of the time, so I want it to smell good!
  7. thanks sprinkles!
  8. Thanks for the info! I can't wait to see the new stuff. I should probably start saving;)
  9. So true. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.
  10. So no description of the perfume notes at all? I sure hope it isn't another fruity floral like every new annoying celebrity fragrance (**cough**BritneySpears**cough**). A nice sparkling citrus or white floral would be good, but I hope they're braver and bring out a spicy oriental. I do sympathize with all of the Coach SAs in advance for all the kids who will be doing all that spraying. Maybe you can keep it behind the counter so people have to ask to sniff it? LOL
  11. Thanks Spinkles! I'm really looking forward to new selections. Did they show any new Legacy?
  12. Thanks for the info, Sprinkles! I can't wait to see everything! :smile:
  13. Wow, i've been eyeing the braided hobos in white. Are there going to be new colors for spring?

    Your description made me laugh--I always associate the fourth of July with firecrackers and vomit!
  14. Are they going to come out with the Mandy in a spring color?
  15. Thanks, Sprinkles! I can't wait to see the perfume bags! Sound cute! And I'm really curious about the perfume!