Spring 07 Cruise Reissue 226 in Dark Silver? any still available in stores in USA?

  1. :yes: Hi everyone! Im looking for that reissue in dark silver, but where i live, there is only one boutique and stock runs out really quickly! I have some some friends in the states, wondering if anyone has any idea which outlets in USA would still have them currently? please Pm me or something, so i could get my friends to make some calls. Your help is much appreciated:p:wlae:
  2. Hi, I really feel what you going through..Im from Melb too and the stocks (very limited selection) runs out pretty quickly, and i was told about getting in the stores quite frequently to see what inventory they have, i went there too often until i got really embarrassed :shame: . Maybe we should be Chanel shopping buddy, and keep bugging the SA to tell us wat stocks are they expecting. They seem Clueless...!!

    To ans your Q's i dun think you can still get the DK silver Reissue. Im dying for one too. BUt you can try, maybe someone in the US can chime in and help you! I actually waitlisted for this bag back in NOV, and was already number 18 on the list! so no hope i guess... Good luck!
  3. I think people have been trying unsuccessfully to get this bag.:sad:
  4. Im one of those people. :sad:
  5. Hi, I must say I have the best SA in Melbourne. She called me earlier this week for the 2.55 reissue. I was in the boutique today and saw both silver and dark silver. There were 2 dark silvers, one 226 and one 227. You should call them asap to see if they still have them. They will pass on to their next client on the list rather than sell to a random customer. However, there's no harm to ask. If you are serious about it, I can call my SA and hold it under my name. Good luck!
  7. chanelobsessed, I've pmed you~ good luck!
  8. I am also looking too - in the US . . .
  9. how did you go chanelobsessed?
  10. I called everywhere and there are no one left in the US. I'm sure they don't check properly.
  11. Hi, how much are they sellin the 227 in Melbourne? I am heading that way and may order one first. And, what is their number and SA name? Thanks.

  12. I'm looking for the 226 , I think the retail was 2200 + tax
  13. Hi, the phone no is (613) 9671 3533 Melbourne Store. Not too sure about the price of 227. However, 226 is AUD$2795 with GST. I hope that help.

  14. Thanks. I have called them and they have already sold out that bags a few days ago. Sigh...