Spring 07 Blue Stam should I get it?


Reach for the sun
Sep 25, 2006
I live in the Pacific NW and the Marc Jacobs selection here is rather limited, but it is growing. I had always liked the Marc Jacobs bag, but I don't own one. The first one that I really LOVED was the Petrol Stam, and by the time that I knew I liked it I couldn't get it. And I won't pay the outrageous prices on ebay for it.

The other stam colors just never really grabbed me. Topaz is nice, but I love love love the bright blue that's coming out for spring, for summer or winter.

So my question is this - Is the stam over? Specifically the blue? Is is overdone? I'm somewhat overdone myself though.

If I can't get them to promise me a bag here locally I can order it from Italy on their waitlist. So I might be able to get it this time.

What does everyone think?
why not just contact the MJ boutiques in SF, LA, or NY? neiman marcus, saks, etc? bag.lover will be able to help you with contacts. i fell for the petrol blue stam myself. not being a fashion follower, i did not know that it is a season thing, so i took my time, and by the time i got my act together, it was way gone. i dont like any of the stams made after S06. but i think if i were to choose one from after spring/summer 2006, i would pick the blue. i think you should get whatever bag speaks to you, whether it is over or not. if it is a bag that suits your personality and style, it will always look good no matter what.
I am very interested in the blue stam too, but the photo on marcjacobs.com looks so bright. I wish it dose not look that bright IRL. I can't wait to see it and yes try NM, Saks, or e-luxury on line purchase, sometimes they have more color choices on line. Good luck for searching your stam.
i love the blue....as bagpunk said, if you love it and it fits your style, go for it!

i don't think stams are 'over' at all. i do think that the blue is a color you couldn't wear forever....i can't see myself wearing it at 40, as i could with some of the more neutral colors. but it totally depends on your style.
I think the Stam is NOT over...very classic styling. If you love the bag enough, it can never truly be over, you know?

I love the blue Stam for the spring, but would be curious to see what it looks like IRL.

Good luck!