Spring '06 Patchwork...outlets????

  1. Does anyone know if the Spring '06 Patchwork will be available at the outlets this year? I like that patchwork so much better than the '07, but do we know if it was sold out?

    If you do think it will be in the outlets, do they coordinate it with the release of the '07 patchwork in the COACH stores?

    I've got to have it!
  2. I've seen it at my outlet, just a couple of items. They had a swingpack that was there for at least a week and was still there yesterday.
  3. interesting.......
  4. Oh definitely. I saw lots of accesories and totes at Christmastime shopping with my Mom. There's an Outlet near Wash DC that carried them.

    She liked them quite a bit, but ended up choosing a Legacy. ;)
  5. I saw them in the outlets last fall.