Spring '06 Patchwork Hobo....Keeper?

  1. Ok ladies I need your opininons! I was in my outlet last week and they had the Spring '06 Patchwork large hobo (pinks, greens, blues, stripes - I think it's '06). It was really pretty so I picked it up. What are your opinions on this bag? Is it a keeper?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. :nuts: OH ABSOLUTELY A KEEPER! I have the tote and it is one of my favorites! The colors are just gorgeous.

    Uh - did they happen to have any of the matching wallets? I am really NEEDING one of those. :smile:
  3. All they had at the time was the one large hobo which I snagged - a few smaller hobos and some swing packs. I might do my weekly visit this weekend and see if they've gotten anything else in. I just love the colors but I'm not use to the hobo style. Even my DH things it's pretty - now that's not something you hear every day!
  4. :smile: LOL - I really love that patchwork. It's soo easy to carry throught spring and summer. I am kicking myself for not getting the matching wallet but the darn thing was $198 and I wanted so many things at the time I passed on the wallet... come to think of it.. I would LOVE to have the matching scarf too!

    Well enjoy your new bag. :smile:
  5. Thank you! I'll let you know if I see anything at my outlet that you just might need to have! :yes:
  6. keep it!!! i have the 06 patchwork tote and i love it. i am disappointed in the 07 patchwork, so if you're looking for a coach patchwork id say definitely go with last years.
  7. The spring 06 patchwork was kinda cute....I say keep it.......