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  1. The last bag I bought was my spiaggia in July, but then I got my student loan money (burning through that pretty well, I'll tell you)...

    So I've gotten a fumo porta, trasporto avventura, and inferno bambinone in the last two weeks. I decided to sell my cammo angioletto, so it worked out to spending a grand total of $205 for the three. :yahoo:

    Now I just need to find my perfect tutti...or at least a cheap tutti...and a vacanze.

    Then I am done! :wlae:
  2. I've been doing the same thing, my school owed me money, so once I got the check I bought:
    The moofia hoodie ($69)
    Clandestine Industries Brainiac hoodie (I don't think anyone on here knows of this line, but the hoodie came to $93 with shipping)
    And I'm getting a transporto bv next Saturday, and possibly a famiglia gioco if my Macy's still has them.
  3. i have a clandestine hoodie!
    well, it's like the baby rib long sleeve hoodie, which is more like a shirt... and my friend john gave it to me ahaha.

    i wanted the ms. stress shirt but i didn't have a bank account yet when they sold it! :c
  4. I have that, its so comfy!That shirt is so cute, but I didn't get it because those stripes don't look good on me, but I have so many of the shirts, and I also have the "Give Love" hoodie.