Spree tomorrow, using LVoe mules, sad to scuff bottoms :( Like the combo? ~PICS!~

  1. Well tomorrow is going to be a big shopping spree day for me :yahoo:. Like all good LV geeks, I have been going over my outfit in my head for a couple of days....come on, admit it, you do it too sometimes!

    Anyway, with my sprained ankle I have been wearing my flip flops for well over a month, finally I think I am ready for heels, so my beige LVoe mules that have been patiently been hanging out in my armoire are coming out to play! Yahoo!

    Too bad the yummy bottoms are going to need to be scuffed a bit :crybaby:.


    My combo, I have picked out, decided to reach deep in the closet for some things I haven't used for awhile. SO vernis beige bucket. Gold miroir pochette and mini speedy to compliment my mules. I have linen capris the exact shade of the mules and a dark brown knit shell for the actual outfit.


    What do you think? Any 'Valley Fairers' want to meet for lunch? Let me know!
  2. Haaa Tink! You're too cute. VF! Too tempting. I just ordered 2 items in Maui so I wish I could indulge with you but DH has put me on a ban:crybaby:. I can't wait to see what you get!
  3. GREAT combo!! the mini speedy is tdf!!! have a great shopping day tomorrow.
  4. i want that mini speedy thing! its so adorable!!! oh! and have a great time!
  5. Fabulous, tink!! You'll be so chic while you go on your shopping spree!! Have loads of fun! Can't wait to see what you get!
  6. [​IMG]

    LOVE IT- obviously!
  7. Have fun shopping! Just don't let your feet get too sore. I just posted this over on my Toronto Shopping thread, but I'll repeat it here. Background: I was in Toronto and visited the Bloor St. store with my wonderful 13-yo daughter...

    "...for walking around the hot streets of Toronto, I should have worn my Keens, but I just couldn't make myself wear them into LV, so I wore a pair of nice, "city" sandals. I was so excited about making this purchase I didn't realize how bad my feet were hurting, but the second we left LV, I could barely take a step. I made my daughter switch shoes with me, and the poor girl wears a whole size bigger than I do! I spent the rest of the afternoon in her Old Navy flip-flops and she spent the rest of the afternoon in my Nine West sandals. But, I made it up to her by buying her makeup at MAC.[​IMG]"
  8. You'll look fabulous!!

    I too loveee the bottom of the LOVE shoes...I'd be so sad to ruin them!! :crybaby:
  9. the mini speedy is sooooo cute!!
  10. the mini speedy!!!!!!!! too cute!!!
  11. sounds like a great outfit :tup: LoVe the mini Speedy charm :love: i wish my pockets were as deep as yours :p
  12. love the mini speedy!
  13. Sounds like fun!! Your combos look perfect. Can't wait to see your new goodies tomorrow!
  14. You are gonna turn some heads...including the SAs....lol...:tup:

    Good choice!!!!!!! Cant wait to see what goodies your gonna pick up!!!!!!
  15. Your mini speedy charm is too cute :nuts: Love the bag and shoe combo, have fun tomorrow~~