Spreadsheets for cost per wear of your Mulberries

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  1. I've read that some of you keep spreadsheets to calculate cost per wear of your bags.

    Would any of you care to share how you do this (not personal details of your bags, but how you set out the spreadsheet)?

    I only have MS Works not Excel on this computer, but I imagine for this kind of basic worksheet they'd be the same.

    I've tried to set one up but ground to a halt when it came to the wearings - do you list each wearing with details of where/what occasion/what outfit in a separate cell, and have a formula to count these up, or just have one cell where you add +1 each time? Am I making too much of a meal of it?
  2. I just add +1 (or whatever appropriate number) and in a seperate colum I list the date.
  3. I daren't even contemplate doing this! It might bring me to my senses ;)
  4. Oh Gah! £200 per wear for one particular item springs to mind... got to put that right. Right now. (Pause while I rush to the wardrobe)
  5. I don’t keep a spreadsheet per se, just records in a simple Word document.

    I have a list of each Mulberry bag, when it was bought and for what price, the cost of shipping, conversion fees and so on.
    And I aim for AU$10 per use.

    For example, my first Mulberry was a Mabel and it cost about AU$500 all up. It has well surpassed this with 70 uses or so.

    I count carrying it for a full day as one use. There are no details of how it was used. If I carried the Mabel today, I’d just mark down another use and put 71 into the document.

    I’ve calculated that to get all my bags to meet their targets, I’d have to carry them 190 times or so. Not each, all together.
  6. I don't put in the date that I used a bag, just add another number to the "Number of Times Used" column which then calculates the cost per wear based on purchase price. I have mine in a Numbers spreadsheet (just like Excel but for Mac).

    I rarely use a bag for a whole day as sometimes I will do something with Miss M in the morning and then go out by myself in the afternoon, both outings require different types of bags, so I'll use a bag for each outing and mark that down in my spreadsheet.

    So far my best purchase has been my pewter Daria which has just achieved £4.75 per wear!
  7. Thanks ladies - that's really helpful!

    I think I was trying to overcomplicate matters (so unlike me, haha)

    I was interested in what shapes prove to be best for different sorts of occasion, I might just have a separate comments section for this but it's probably not even necessary as it's becoming pretty clear.

    I have an irrational lust for Bays as I love their shape, but in reality I always feel more comfortable when out and about with at least a shoulder strap, and in really busy places or with lots to carry, a messenger. I think Bays might prove to be the bag equivalent for me of "taxi shoes", whatever the leather :biggrin:

    On the other hand my 2 Bays Clutches I thought were both quite "dressy" (Midnight cracked metallic, Putty smudged leopard) but their sheer practicality - handsfree and comfortable under the arm, roomy with really useful front pocket - means that I'm reaching for them in less formal situations than I first thought.
  8. I'm much like everyone else I printed a sheet off and have it inside the wardrobe and I have a pen bluetacked next to it and Add 1 to my tally chart to keep track I count wear as an outing to the shops or whatever. I really find it helps me to rotate bags