Spreading jewellery purchases?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am in my early twenties and am about to add more items to my jewellery collection. In view of all the price increases, I sometimes feel it is better to get the majority of my collection now before it becomes unaffordable. But I wonder if it is better to get most pieces at a young age or spread it over the many decades?

    Somehow I think, the younger the better. This way you can enjoy your jewellery longer and avoid further price increases.

    But there will always be new jewellery coming out and what if the pieces I bought at 22 don't look good anymore by the time I am 60? Do you think that fine jewellery (diamond rings, love bracelet, ect.) will always remain beautiful even if the pieces are worn every day?

    Looking forward to your opinions! :smile:
  2. I think it is better to get pieces overtime. There are a few reasons why I feel this way:

    1. Your taste evolves overtime. Although you think you may love a piece forever, there is a chance that you may not. For example, I used to hate the Love Bracelet, and now I am trying to save for one.
    2. You are worrying about a price increase, but keep in mind as you get older you probably will be making more money. So you do not have to worry about being priced out.
    3. Jewelry holds up as well as the wearer cares for it. However, it does develop a patina that shows that it is not the newest version of the design. (This doesn't bother me at all, but it is something to think about.)
    4. Your lifestyle changes as you age. So, the ornate bracelets I bought when I was younger does not work with changing a diaper now. Also, as much as I would love a Van Cleef Mother of Pearl piece, I cannot imagine that I would wear it for quite sometime.

    I think you should buy what you love now and enjoy it. Do not worry about buying an entire jewelry wardrobe. You have time to decide on what designs you will want.
  3. My feeling is that you have more money later in life, making it easier to buy good things then versus when younger. Of course this depends on your own particular situation, but generally, your ability to earn rises over the years, as your savings and investments also grow. When you're young you also have other life priorities for your funds, whether housing, further education, kids/family, and so on.
    This leads me to think that "affordability" is not in fact better when young, even if $1000 buys more today than it might in 20 years.

    Then there's taste--and that is not stable over a lifetime.

    So I would say take your time--start with something you love, and enjoy making purchases over years.
  4. If you are a jewelry lover, there is almost no way to get the majority of your collection now. Your tastes will continue to evolve, and you will fall in love with different styles and different stone and different metals (maybe). And being older is no guarantee that your tastes will not change, either. There are a LOT of mature women who fall for trends in jewelry (which is great, as a person should get what they love regardless of age, IMO).

    Even if you decide on some "classic" pieces now, like diamond stud earrings or a diamond pendant, you may decide you want to go bigger in the future. Or you may want things you get now reset.

    As for things looking beautiful for a lifetime, absolutely. With proper care the pieces you buy at 20 will look equally beautiful when you are 70. The STYLE may look dated, or your tastes may change, but precious metals and stones are usually made to last.

    So buy the things you will get the most wear out of now, but don't rush to get each and every thing you can imagine needing. It is fun to plan purchases and shop around for new bling, even when you are older.
  5. Definitely buy what you like now, my tastes have changed a lot from my teens to my twenties to my thirties, some things I still keep even although I won't wear again but some I sell.
    You wouldn't buy a lifetime supply of clothes so I wouldn't do it with jewellery.
    Also finger sizes can change with weight changes/pregnancy... rings I used to wear no longer fit after several pregnancies and you can only resize rings once or twice in a lifetime and some not at all..
    No harm in buying a few classic pieces now though such as diamond studs etc.
  6. I dont think it is possible to get everything now. Like what the others hv pointed out, tastes change.

    Having said that though, i managed to get most of the classic pieces like solitaire pendant and diamond studs when i was younger. I'm glad i did then cos i had more disposable income back then. Now that i'm a sahm i would think twice before making big jewelry purchases
  7. I guess you are right, but it does not hurt to buy some jewellery now before other responsibilities come up and my disposable income will be distributed to other things.

  8. Everyone above has made good points. I'm 22 and a recent grad (with a job in my career field, luckily!) and am thinking about some bigger purchases now that I have some disposable income not going to a home loan, family expenses, etc. I think now I'm excited to invest in some nicer pieces that I know will stand the test of time and I'll always wear. I think tastes change over time, but there are some definite pieces that will always look elegant no matter if you're 25 or 85!
  9. I think that no matter what age, if you enjoy something of the moment why not buy it? You can always sell the piece once you outgrow it. However, there is no doubt that you should slowly build your collection and always get something you TRUELY love that you will wear often to get your money's worth.
  10. I don't think it's wise for anyone to buy a bunch of jewelry for the sake of price increases. Everything goes up in price.

    Like others said you will making alot more money in the future than when you are young. Future DH may buy you some of this.

    I also agree that tastes evolve. Ask me a few years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead with yellow gold jewerly on.

    I think it's better to collect pieces over time because there will always be new styles coming out. You don't want to look back and think your collection is dated or regret rushing into buying something you truly didn't love.
  11. Thanks for all your answers!

    I think you are right, it is better to spread jewellery purchases.

    But I also do think that it would be ok to buy some big-ticket items such as the Love now, before other responsibilities or huge price increases.

    What do you think?
  12. Couldn't have said it better!
  13. The love bracelet needs to be polished at some point if you want to keep it shiny. I see you keep asking that question in different threads so I thought I'd answer it.

    I saw a 15 year old one that had never been polished and was worn 24/7 and it looked matte, almost like brushed gold. Just get it polished every now and then and it will look great.
  14. Thanks for your answer! I am a bit afraid to get it polished because you always lose a bit gold. Wouldn't it be possible to recoat the bracelet?
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    I think it is better to buy as you go, as you can't spend your entire income on jewellery, plus as has been said, your tastes will develop with age.

    Jewellery is like cash, so if your style changes dramatically you can always part exchange your current pieces into other, maybe bigger pieces.

    Just buy what you can afford now and worry about the future later.