Spread the Kindness

  1. Hi all-

    I know that awhile ago there was a general discussion thread where everyone said nice things about each other. Since the bbag subforum is a happy place, I thought I'd start a similar thread here to brighten up everyone's weekend.

    Here's a start-

    to our fabulous subforum mods- you guys rock! You keep this place running smoothly and you both know a ton about bbags. Mimi your collection is TDF and you are so helpful to us all. Helen, your enthusiasm and excitement comes through in every post. Keep rockin' those bags!

    BooYah- You are such a sweetheart and I am so glad that you found your dream bag! We will be turq twins one day- I'm not giving up!

    CeeJay- You are always so helpful and you share your vast balenciaga knowledge with all of us. Thanks for everything! You haven't posted in awhile, I hope all is well!

    aaalbama- I love reading your posts. I need to make my way into the city and have a BALny adventure with you!

    Firstclass1- Your posts are always so sweet and encouraging. You truly look out for everyone! I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you!

    Esile- You totally rock your gorgeous collection! You've even got me pondering a weekender (which is good for me, but so bad for the wallet).

    And to all the other fab bbag girls, I love spending time hanging out with you!!
  2. awe, that's one of the sweetest things ever addicted, the same right back at ya :tender:...i love my TPF family & want to thank you all for the laughs, the advice, the comaraderie & even the enabling :P
  3. Not abandonning the LV subforum or anything I'm been coming here alot the last few days because I recently decided I HAVE to have a big b-bag.

    Much thanks to Hatikuh who's been taking pics of her Work bag stuffed with items so I can see what it looks like. And to Esile who's answered alot of my questions abt the weekenders. You two are AWESOME! :flowers:

    And everyone else here are so nice and supportive (giving up auctions to whoever wants it most!!)-- I luv it!

  4. A big shout out to *fiatflux* for being kind enough to give me a chance at my dream bag! I am still in love with it!
    I enjoy 'bama-girl's posts and enthusiasm for the 06 veiny leather! Never mind the 06 jewel tone enabiling! You are a kick!
    LouiseyPeasey, Cee*Jay, Mimi, mocean - all your fantastic knowledge which you impart to us. Fantastic!
    Hatikuh, Cate22, esile, Helen, FirstClass, zacorey, seahorseinstripes, Amour20 and all the ladies who show such enthusiasm for someone's new lovely handbag. Very sweet.

    I am sure I am missing out a bunch of people, and I apologise. You are all lovely ladies and this forum is a pleasure to be a part of.

    I wish you well,

  5. Yes and kudos to everybody--this is such a fun subforum with little in the way of ego issues or other bizarre behavior. It's a very comfortable place to be and I've learned so much from so many knowledgable and supportive people.
  6. OMG 'a...' - - - I'm touched :shame: ! What a lovely idea :flowers: - thank you sooooo much for the nice compliments (to all of us) - I feel honoured :love:
    ... and I'm beginning just with you:
    - addicted... 'a...' thank you so much for the very nice communication and the generous come towards!

    - MiMi: you're the bbag-angel ! I can ask you for all details - you're the expert and I appreciate your knowing! Btw: your collection is TDF and you always rock wearing your bbags!

    - Amour, 'N' .... you're still my 'daughter' - you know !? And you're our bbag-fairy - always with some very interesting surprises !

    - hatikuh, 'T' .... thank you for ALL - I always love to read your posts, you're a fantastic friend.

    - esile, 'J' .... I'll never forget YOUR great taste - OMG, all bags you're sharing with us ... I'd like to have too !

    - CeeJay, 'C' .... I'm always waiting to your posts and threads - they are soooooooo exciting every time ! Thank you !

    - and 'thank you all' for your support, your opinion, your fantastic pictures, your lovely comments: fashion_.. 'L' / perce... 'F' / winona 'K' / zac... 'L' / cate22 'C' / Tanja / Lily / BooYah / helenNZ / chigirl / mlertpac / LouiseyP.. / helenc / mocean / l_b / seahorse.... / chauss.... / beaux... / emila / bb10blue / avery / aaa..... / Pupster... / Bridget... / Irissy / myriam... / english_... / varsha... / Milena / fiat... / yhassan / Kimisin / didi... / kaka / and much more, I know I forgot to mention some others.., sorry :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: - love you all :heart: :love:
  7. I would like to also express how grateful I am for having made so many super nice friends on this forum and learnt so much about bbags!

    I agree with the others Booyah, Ceejay, Amour20, firstclass1, Mimi, esile, seahorseinstripes, hatikuh, Helenz have all been great and so have many others! Thank you all and I wish you all the happiness!:love:
  8. This is my favorite subforum. I love reading the posts and seeing the pictures.
  9. :heart::heart: just want to thank everyone on this forum for making it such an awesome place to log on to :heart::heart:
  10. OMG! Where do I begin!!!

    Hatikuh- you are an AMAZING person!!! Always there to help! You are a Bbag expert to me!
    Firstclass- you are always so kind!!! I know everyone can tell how great a person you are!
    l_b- You are going above and beyond for me!!! I would do you the same in a heart beat!
    Avery- Thank you for helping me with decisions!
    Livethelake- I'm so glad to have "met" you here!
    Boo-yah- You crack me up all the time!!! I love your posts!
    Briget s- I love how kind and passionate you are!
    Jayge- You are so sweet!!! A true handbag addict!
    CeeJay- I love reading your posts! Keep them coming!
    Tanja- You are a sweetheart!!!
    esile- I love your Bbag pictures! I love your posts! You are very helpful!
    chloesmygirl- Luv you & your dog!
    Pupsterpurse- You are just GREAT!!!! I love your pup too!
    Alllabama- you are a riot
    chaussurewhore- you are such a cheerful person!!! Thank you!
    Amour- Such a sweetheart!!!xoxo
    Mimi- you are the Bbag teacher and I love all your pictures and descriptions!
    Helennz- You are sooo funny!
    rebeoliva - You're truly a gem!!!
    Sea- I love to read your posts! You are so adorable!
    cate22- You are so kind!
    ade3333- I'm so glad to know you! (even though I don't see you here in the Bbag subforum)
    ranskimmie- You are a complete sweetheart!!!
    chigirl- you are the cutest and I enjoy your posts!
    chloe231- You are so sweet and I enjoy your posts!
    pippop- I'm glad to know you!

    To all the other Bbag girls that I look foward to chatting with in the near future- I :heart: you all!!!!! I love that we are united from all over the world!

    Thanks to addictedtopurses for starting this thread!!! xoxo
  11. Also- hugs to zeke!!!!!! One of the nicest girls here!!!!:smile:
  12. :rochard: :rochard: :rochard: :rochard: :rochard: :rochard: All of you b-bags girls ROCK! I love this sub-forum and it has truly made my day many times!!
  13. This is my most favourite subforum on the entire internet and first thing in the morning is to check what you girls have been up to during my night.:yes:
    I just love the kind and helpful atmosphere here and that you truly share my joy and vice versa. Actually you converted me from LV to Balenciaga by introducing those lovely bags which I haven't known before. I don't want to do without you.
    Cal: I just love your wicked sense of humour and your kindness
    Zac: You're such a wonderful person who gives helpful hints to expand my horizon :smile:
    Sea: I adore your collection and sweetness
    L_B because you're such helpful person and I just love your mini bowling
    First: you always have a kind word for everybody
    AAA: you're an enabler to really love the 06 bags
    Pupsterpurse: I just love your nick and you're comments are always so nice and kind
    But to make a long list short. I just love you all girls!!
  14. What a great thread!

    I've only been a member for about two months, but I *love* it here. Everyone is so sweet and I love how PF members have each other's "back"... everyone looks out for each other, whether it's bag purchases or just in general! I usually don't open myself up too much to messageboards (because of the nature of the Internet), but this one is definitely special and I feel more comfortable doing so here.

    Here are some people that really stand out to me:

    aaallabama... talk about spreading sunshine! This girl is SO helpful, sweet, and you can tell even through her threads that she is someone who'd be a great (and tres fashionable! ;)) friend to have in real life.
    *jennifer*... We were talking about Bbags through email when I was having some cancer screening tests done. I was so scared and she was such a comfort. The convos started out about Balenciagas (as all conversations should!) but then jennifer lent a listening ear about my tests. I really appreciated her kindness!
    zacorey... as a teacher I think it is awesome that this mom is able to discuss fashion AND is such a great advocate for curing/educating people about autism. How cool is that? Corey's lucky to have such a great mom.
    Pupsterpurse, Bridget S., BBagbubba, Esile, ranskimmie, Booyah, Mimz, Firstclass1, susan-eric, Cee Jay... OMG I could go on forever, seriously... have all been SO helpful and tireless in educating me (and others) on Balenciaga. I really depend on the input here because I have to buy these bags blindly... the information shared here is always critical in helping me make decisions on bags to buy! I LOOOOOOVE the enabling!!!

    I know there's more I've forgotten so my blanket statement is that this forum just rocks and I'm SO glad to have found it. Who cares if I'm broke as a result? :yahoo: for this forum!
  15. aww... you guys are so sweet. i'm gonna cry.:crybaby:

    addicted- you rock for starting this thread. :rochard:

    chigirl- absolutely love you! what would i do without you? you keep me laughing and make sure my heads on tight.:supacool:

    mims and LP- always inspirational and so knowledgable! absolutely the queens of balenciaga! thanks for all your help and advise.:love:

    first, chaussure, amour- i aspire to have a wonderful collection like yours one day.:girlsigh:

    aaa, pupster, hatikuh, zacorey, boo, mocean, bb10lue, ranskimmie, didi, helen, winona, lb, esiders, percephonie, lb, jdy, socal, beaux, ceejay, cal, mlertpac, seahorse, avery, edna - so sweet and always add so much to this sub-forum!

    ...and i'm sure i left alot of other names out. love you all!