Spread on new it bags in German Instyle

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  1. Found this while supposedly 'working'..... :rolleyes:
    It is a spread on new it bags in the German Instyle -

    thought this might be fun - but don't have a scanner so I took pics (of the pics ;))

    you may have to download these onto your computer and then zoom in - :shame: sorry for the flash bits.....

    I like the new Loewe bag on the third wish list, :drool:

    Oh, needed to convert pics to pdf bec too large.

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  2. I'm 'working' too . . . thank you!
  3. I like the Ferragamore, Longchamp and Valentino!
  4. Love the Balenciaga and the Hogan! Thanks for the pics!
  5. of course - I am glad you liked them.

    I love the Loewe Aire and the Moschino Muffin (very cute name), ahhh the choices......
  6. It's the Loewe Aire for me too and have you seen the other thread showing the amazing colour range? Swoon . . . .
  7. Oooh, yesyesyes, the Loewe Aire is TDF!:graucho:
    And I agree, "muffin" is a really cute name - I like the burgandy one!
  8. Thanks for posting!! Love to see new bags from mags you can't get in the states.
  9. :throwup: oy vey...Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Prada...

    But, I'm lovin' Loewe, Balenciaga, and Coccinelle! Cuuuuute!
  10. Ohmigosh!! I loveee all of them...how could you ever pick! Where can I get a copy of this magazine?
  11. I love the Hogan! Thanks for posting the pics!
  12. i love the burberry, and the miu miu