Spraying/Treating Vachetta

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  1. Hello fellow tpf peeps. Question. I have just ordered the new DA Backpack and I want to spray the leather with a leather protector, but I'm scared it'll leave water spots. What is everyone's experience with this?!? TIA
  2. I just purchased a a very pale petit Noe I was scared to use and instead of a spray I did the "patina champ" method and it came out great! I was so terrified of doing it with the damp sock but it only turned it a shade darker.,but atleast I know I don't have to worry about water spots. The method is in the faq section ..
  3. I use Apple Guard spray on all of my vachetta. It dries super fast and have had no spotting or issues years later because of spraying. It's been a lifesaver for me. Just protect the canvas when spraying..it is easy! Many use nothing and I know some use other products..this is just what works for me :smile:
  4. I have the kiwi brand here at home.