Spraying a protective coat over my new leather bag?

  1. I just bought a couple of new bags (LV and Isabella Fiore). I was wondering if I should spray a protective coat such as water resistant or something like that over the leather like they suggest for shoes.

    The LV Speedy tends to get darker on the handles and the Isabella Fiore is such soft leather, I would hate to see it scratched.

    If I should, does anyone have any suggestions on the best spray to use?
  2. i spray all of my bags with applegard. i'm not sure if your LV really needs because the canvas should be very sturdy. you might want to try something specifically for handles for the lv. i think you should definitely spray your isabella fiore to keep it from getting dirty.
  3. Mulberry recommends collonil waterstop spray for their bags. It's excellent stuff and even has some uv protection in it! I used the 'neutral'. can be used on all leather, suede etc