sprayed my purse with something different

  1. I've been meaning to purchase the Shining Monkey Fabric Protector but I've been lazy and kinda stingey (lol) to buy it because I live in Canada and the shipping costs are just as much as the spray itself. Yesterday as I was spraying my Uggs, I thought 'hey maybe I'll try my shoe protector spray on my purse!' I was afraid, so I just used a bit on the back of my pochette strap. I used the Champs Sports boot protector spray and it was wet at first but dried up within a minute with no marks, stains, and it didn't darken the leather. Then I tried it on my new speedy (well a couple of months old so not brand new) but on the piping on the bottom on the bag. It dried fine so then I started spraying my entire bag. Later, I decided to test whether it protected against water although the spray did seem to do a good job on my Uggs. I dropped some water on the piping first and it freaked me out b/c it was so dark at first but then it dried up fine. Later i decided to do it on the tab and had no problems with it.

    I posted this somewhere else and someone commented that their speedy was caught in the rain before but she hadn't used any products to protect the leather. However, the water drops dried up and disappeared without leaving marks. has this happened to anyone else before?! is there even a point in me using my boot spray or spending almost 4x the amount on shining monkey?

    I've attached photos of the speedy handles after spraying it, and the leather tab after testing a small amount of water.
    handles.jpg handles2.jpg leather2.jpg