spray to protect my bag

  1. I ordered SM a couple of days back and it arrived today. I was somewhat aware of the recent thread about SM but didnot have the energy to read all 20 pages. Wonder if SM still usable or should I switch to different products (My impression is that the feedback about this product is still positive though no long term effect is known yet)?

    I am actually also concerned if I should spay it on the handles. Is there any concern to touch the chemicals sprayed on handles. If SM is not good anymore, what else to use?

  2. I have never used any products on my bags. While SM is fairly new in the handbag market, that does not mean that product may not work. There are quite a few people who have used it and love it. Some others talk about appleguard. Wait and see what some of the people around here say they like... that is my best advice to give you.

    The SM thread was not about if the product works or not... so I don't want you to think that.
  3. Whatever product you end up using, alot of people also recommend leaving brand new vachetta alone for a while... I think the leather needs to breathe or something like that...
    I haven't done anything to my Speedy.. letting it age naturally...
  4. I've sprayed all of my bags with SM and haven't had any problems with the leather or anything else....
  5. I'm almost afraid to mention anything about SM because last time I said it works great, I had my post deleted and was questioned by a mod about my affiliation with members from another board.
  6. Things were a bit heated before- not sure who deleted your post, but you are allowed to tell how you think it works. This lady would love some honest opinions and testimonials, and I for one can't help bc I've never sprayed my bags. :flowers:
  7. I too have used it.
    I sprayed my mc speedy, which i had previously sprayed with wilson spray. 've had no issues with the bag yet from either.

    I also sprayed my denim speedy,it had never been sprayed before. The SM is a fabric protector s othat wa my reason for using it. I was also then told I could use it on the leather so i I went for it. I havent used my denim since I sprayed it, but otherwise its doing ok. No issues.
  8. I've sprayed it and liked how it dries fast and noticed no discoloration although one bag that I have sprayed 2 coatings (not light but not too heavy either), the vachetta darkened a little bit but that didn't bother me. I did spray a white Coach bag but only one coating and it's still white.

    Appleguard does the same thing too I believe. It just takes a bit longer to dry and I have read that it feels greasier for some reason. Do a search and you will see tons of threads about it too. There's also Wilson's spray and one that I am going to try soon, Scotchguard Leather Protector. Just make sure it's the leather one and not the fabric one if you're thinking of using Scotchguard. The fabric one specifically says that leather is one of the materials not meant for that product to be used on and that's why they have one that's made specifically for leather. Again, do a search and you will be surprised at how many products are actually out there for this very purpose.

    Note that LV does not recommend using anything on the bags though.
  9. I don't use anything on my LV.
  10. I don't use anything on my LV's either, but I know SEVERAL people who have used Shining Monkey, and swear by it. Most, if not all have said it works better than Appleguard.

  11. i don't use any products on my LVs... :smile:
  12. I use the Applegarde products and a lot of people do as well. Some have even said their LV SA's have recommended that particular brand and product, but I can't personally vouch for that. I have never used SM, so I don't know if it's good or not, but I am skeptical.
  13. You were questioned by me because you shared IPs with three other members, one of which was a ghost nick. :idea: We do not allow multiple nicks per registered user.
  14. I agree completely.

    When the SM product first popped up in the PF I immediately asked my SA about it and she adviced me NOT to use ANYTHING on my LV's. Why? Well she told me that there have been cases where initially nothing goes wrong;however, through the years the product wears through the product.

    IMO, that could be due to a number of things; however, it's my preference NOT to take that risk.

    Just my $.02
  15. I also love Shining Monkey and have NEVER had any problems!

    However, I think it is a personal choice and you may want to test different products to see which best suits you and your handbags.
    Good Luck to you.