Spray Tans and Staining?

  1. Does anyone spray tan? I'm pretty pasty and would like to try it, but I'm afraid it would rub off on my bags and stain them!

    Anyone have experience with this?
  2. Good question! No answer for ya here, but I'd like to know too....
  3. I use Loreals spray and it doesnt rub off at all :smile:
  4. I'd like to know this as well. I'm WAY white...I don't go to tanning salons for the spray tans but I do get a bottle of Fake Bake (great stuff!) every now and then. Good question
  5. im not sure how easily i would run off on a bag but if you were using say a white bag with white handles and had tan everywhere (like stuff u buy in the store, the mystic i dunno about-but ive been told by my tanning place not to do it they are honest and say it sucks and looks bad)

    but haha the ones you buy in the store i find the color gets uneven looking and like rubbed off looking mostly in knees and arm bends and if you happen to carry your bag in the crook of your arm (which i always do)
    i think there is a chance it will come off on the underside (side touching your arm) of the handles :sad: i would be careful!
  6. I do mystic tans ALLLLLL the time and have for years. Here's my tricks, make sure to exfoliate REALLY well before you go, rub the lotion good on your hands (Palms especially and in between your fingers) and feet. after you get out, dry of REALLLLLLLLLLY well starting at your feet, and rub everything good with a towel so there are no streaks. then, they tell you to not shower for like 6 hours, I dont shower for like 10 hours (sometimes overnight). Don't wear white before you have showered, I wear dark colors that day, but after that, carry your white purses and wear light clothes without worry. mystic is great, I am not willing to get skin cancer just to have a tan! I'm as fair and senstive skinned as they get and I think mystic is great!
  7. Bessie, I agree about the fake tans getting splotchy looking. The stuff that I sometimes use called Fake Bake goes on a deep cocoa color so that you can see exactly where you put it. You leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off and it leaves a very pretty golden brown color. It gets darker each time you apply. I've never tried salon spray tans but the Fake Bake is the only bottled tanner I trust to leave me looking great.

    I'd be a little concerned though if I had something like the Carly Canvas or light colored Ergo. It would drive me nuts always having to make sure nothing rubbed off on it!

  8. really!!!!! do you have to stand around naked for a few hours so it doesnt get on anything :smile: hehe before you can wash it off? how does that work!!!

    and it doesnt leave splotch or anything?

    (how do you do your back by yourself, thats been #1 mystery for me forever!!!)!!!
  9. Well, I always made sure I wore crappy clothes and an old bra so I didn't really care if anything got on them. I usually just got dressed right after I was done applying. It turned out just fine! However, I'm not exactly sure of the drying time. If you go on the website they can probably give you an approximate dry time (just Google the product name).

    I never had any trouble with splotches. Everything looked smooth and even. As for getting my back, I'd do as much as I could and then would have my mom or boyfriend do the back. Of course the whole time my boyfriend did it I had to hear "Oh my God I can't believe I'm doing this. I must be gay." Yet he did it eeeeeeevery time. Such a complainer. :rolleyes:
  10. haha :smile: thats what b/fs are for after all right!!!!! :smile:

    Which one of the Fake bake do you use i looked on the site and there are a bunch of dif products which is the one you use
    i am so ordering it!!

    i tan naturally really well as im spanish my skin gets nice and dark but i know its so bad for my skin and i do go to the tanning salon in the beg. of the summer

    but id rather use somehting like this to get some color and then only tan sometimes when i go to the beach! :smile:
    let me know thanks hehe

    and crappy clothes good idea!!
  11. You're lucky you tan easily. I'm half German and half Italian, but I look more German so my skin is VERY pale. People say I look like a porcelain doll, that's how light it is. I HATE it!!!

    As for which product I use, the Self-Tanning Lotion. They have a deal on there for one bottle of lotion and you get a free bronzer compact for just 19.99


    You may also want to get a package that includes something for your face as well. I mean, the regular lotion works fine on faces but I've never tried one specifically formulated for the face. I'd assume that would work out better than anything else.
  12. hmm :smile: very cool thanks soso much!!!

    i have many friends, my best friend is a porcelain doll like you she burns if she goes right out to tan and so she tries to go to the tanning salon in the lowest beds they have and for 1/2 the time just to try and get some sort of base tan it works but takes a looong time haha :smile:

    I am going to suggest this to her too!

    do you use it all year or just summer?!
  13. I just use it for the summer. I've kinda come to terms with my whiteness and realized that I'm just always going to be pale, so all winter I just go natural. Make sure that whatever you do, you don't put the applications on too close together. I did that and my skin was itchy for days! My skin is very sensitive though so that may be why. Other than that, I love the stuff.
  14. ohh :smile: well thank you so much for all the info im totally gonna get it! :smile:
  15. good info