Spray Tanning

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  1. Hi there and hope I can get some advice please? I live in England and we never get any sun so have booked a summer holiday but am three shades paler than blue .
    I don't like the thought of sunbed tanning so am thinking of getting a spray tan. Has anyone any recommendations for the type as there seem to be so many different ones or advice on getting it done? thank you
  2. I have been happy with Mystic Tan. Whatever spray tan you do use the most important thing to do is exfoliate really well before get it done.
  3. Mystic Tan HD! I tried the original Mystic Tan, and it turned me completely orange. Was so scared to do spray tanning again until I heard about the MT HD and it works sooo much better! adjusts to your skin tone to look more natural, and it comes in 4 diff shades, so I always get the second lightest (light) and it's just perfect for my super pale skin to get a tan without looking like an oompa loompa.
  4. I just got back from Miami, FL a few weeks ago and my friend got a spray tan. I guess the tech convinced her to go a shade darker than she wanted, and it really didn't come out that awesome, it was definitely more orange than she wanted. I would definitely suggest exfoliating like another poster said, and only do what you're comfortable with :smile:
  5. The mystic tan is great! So is the Versa, depending on your shade of skin.

    For tanning at home, I would also recommend St. Tropez bronzing mousse. I love this stuff. It probably costs around the price of 1 mystic tan just for a bottle, however it'll last you a while. (I don't tan that often-- maybe twice a month, but one bottle usually lasts me around 6 months). It gives you a nice tanned look without being orange, and it doesn't streak like a lot of other tanners.
  6. I tried Mystic Tan a couple times, it was OK, and expensive per spray. I've also used St. Tropez mousse for years which way good, but looks kinda gross (greenish tone) til you shower off the residue. Recently I switched to 'Fake Bake-Flawless' and it's the best I've ever used! It doesn't look weird when you put it on either, I LOVE it! Check out 'Fake Bake-Flawless' reviews, you'll see how many people recommend it.
  7. I have a mystic tan in my salon and I use norvell solution in my spray booth. It's the same solution that spray tan artist use to airbrush you. It really depends on the solution and not all mystic tans are created equal. You should ask the salon which solution they have in their booths. I recommend the lightest level for every customer because it's gives a nice golden color and it's really natural looking especially around the hands and chest.

    It's extremely important to prep for your spray tan because that can determine how the color will come out and last. You want to exfoliate your entire body and get rid of as much dead skin as possible because the dha adheres to dead skin and the more you have the darker it will get. That's why we recommend barrier cream on elbows, knees and other dry areas!

    Barrier cream on the hands, palm, in between fingers, cuticles, knees, ankles, elbow and feet is also important so take your time applying and don't rush.