Spray tanning

  1. So i stopped tanning in the tanning bed awhile ago now but im kinda pasty and I miss my tan so I decided to do it the safe way... Mistic Spray Tan, Does anyone else do this? Any advice? How does your tan look? Im also going to be doing the hydration station and the facial thing at Planet Beach, Has anyone had any experience with those either?
  2. Im glad you stopped fake baking in the tanning bed! I stopped recently too because I got scared of wrinkes and cancer. I tried the Mystic tan before twice and both times my feet got splotchy it was soo gross..I guess it takes a few tries to get it right but I just hate the smell and the uneveness, Right now I use a banana boat self tanner and I liek the dark color it gives me and the good thing is it has a dial to control the level of darkness you get. I reccommend you try the mystic tan though to see if it works for you. whats the hydration and facial thing? I never heard of that before..
  3. The hydration is a full body moisture treatment.. I have never done it before but im very excited about it (I have an apt for it tomorrow) It looks like a tanning bed but you leave you head out of it and it does something in there to hydrate your skin.. The facial thing I have done once before, You put this packet of something on your face and its a very very bright light (you wear your tanning goggled in it) and its suposed to be like a facial (good for your skin) not tanning at all or anything... Im not sure why but there is a brand new planet beach in my town and I got a package that includes anything at the salon for $50/month so I can do the massage bed, facial, hydration, spray tanning, or use any tanning bed (which ill pass on) for the $50/month which I think is a steal, Im very excited :biggrin:
  4. wow that sounds like a good deal and exciting! I think there is a Planet Beach where I live too, I have to check it out. Good luck with your appt, let us know how it goes!
  5. I've spray tanned for years - love it :love:
  6. I'm Orange!!! :wtf: I look like the AIM man
  7. LOVE IT.
    I got it for prom, and if I had the money (it's way more than just the beds per month BLAh!) I would do it all the time.

    It's what Paris Hilton does year-round.
  8. You're orange?!
    It also depends on where you go, or maybe start skin color. First day or first time you can look orange, but in general it looks totally natural. It looked great for me :\
  9. :crybaby:
  10. whats wrong? is it too dark or bronzy? it should get lighter after a couple of days
  11. I've never had good luck with Mystic. It looked very streaky and orange on me.

    I do my own spray tan. I like the GlowFusion and Neutrogena sprays the best.

    I shower and exfoliate first. Then, I lay down a dark towel on the floor. I use vaseline as a barrier cream on my feet, knees, elbows and hands and I spray it everywhere as evenly as possible. I use the towel to pat dry any wet spots. It comes out wayyyy better than Mystic IMO and saves me a lot of money.
  12. ^About how long do you let it dry? How long does the whole process take you?
  13. Mine has orange spots like my wrists and a few spots on my legs and my face didnt look even.. Its evened out now but i dont really look tanner...
  14. IMO Most spray tans leave people orange. Even celebs can't get it right and they pay lots of money. I don't know why people think that is a good look. If you watch "Sunset Tan", they do CHILDREN! and they come out looking like little Oompa Loompas!

    The best self tanning products are GlowFusion as the previous poster noted. Xen-Tan is another really good one and it doesn't smell. The color is very natural looking. You should use baby oil on the spots you don't want to tan before you apply any product.
  15. I like this self-tanner by banana boat. I cant remember the exact name right now but it has a dial so you can pick the shade you want to be and it has a primer with it, It gives you a nice color not orange at all more brown, tan color.