Spray tanners (Mystic Tan, etc) - How often do you tan?

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  1. Spray tanning is so spendy, I'm wondering how often you go.

    I pay $19 per session, and I try to go once per week. I wish I could go every 4-5 days, but I can't make myself spend that kind of money. Does anyone pay less?

    Also, have you completely given up tanning beds?
  2. I will not tan in a tanning bed. I will tan outside in the sun alittle. I have tried mystic tan a few times but it was too expensive for me. It was like $30 to 35 here a year or so ago. I have been thinking about calling around here locally and seeing if they are running any specials but it is not something I would want to do more than once a week. I have found glow fusion and it is the bomb!! And I only need to use that once or twice a week. The color lasts and lasts.
  3. Well I dont spray tan, but I tan in a regular bed. I go about 2-3x per week, just to keep color. I lotion up before and after, and always wash off afterwards and lotion after that!!

    Lotion is a girls best friend, really, lol.
  4. I do my own spray tan, because Mystic wasn't a good color for me and it streaked. I do it once a week during the summer, and ~every 2 weeks during the colder months.

    There was a point in time when I went in the tanning booth almost every day, but I haven't been in a long time. Spray tan works just as well for me, now that I've found the right products. Plus it saves me lots of money.
  5. You'd have to go at least once a week IMO if not it will look bad. I did it quite some time ago, but decided to quit because I was tired of tanned look =P It's the only way i'd consider tanning though I*m a fanatic sun avoider.

    I think buying your own is a good solution as well, it's not that expensivereally.
  6. I put natural glow or the dove version in a spray bottle, cut with regular lotion, and spritz myself every day. I will mystic tan 3 days before a special occassion to make sure color is even.
  7. What product are you using, and how do you get your back? I'm not sure I could get my hisband to rub me down with tanner every week.
  8. Glow Fusion spray right now. When that's done I have a bottle of Scott Barnes spray to try. I've also used Banana Boat aerosol spray, which I like almost as much as the super pricey brands. During the winter I don't worry about my back or stomach, but during the warmer months, I just stand in front of a full length mirror and spray it on.

    The key is to only put on a little tiny bit and then if you want more color, spray on a little more the next day, and so forth (at least until you get used to the product). If you absolutely drench yourself in any self tanner it will streak and look fake.
  9. lol@Mystic Tan. I had a step-dad for 14 years of my life (by the way, he is probably the antichrist. Literally the worst human being I have ever met) and he worked for the company that invented Mystic Tan (Palm Beach Tan). I had the chance to work on the graphic design of the logo, but I thought it was fine how it was. Everytime I see a Mystic Tan logo now, I think to myself tongue-in-cheek, that I was a part of it, even if I didn't mess with it. It could look different!

    But to answer the actual question, I don't do anything of that stuff. I tried Mystic but I didn't like it. I tried actual tanning beds too and I hated them! Then I tried the lotions and those weird cloths. I could tell a difference but honestly, I'd rather do it the old fashioned way. I'm naturally VERY fair, and I do burn pretty easily, but once I do get past the burn I turn a beautiful golden colour. It's all seasonal for me though, once the heat of the summer is gone, I'm back to ghostly white. I don't do it excessively and I don't worry myself to death over UV exposure - sunshine in moderate amounts is really good for your skin (gogo Vitamin D!).
  10. I tried mystic tanning. Wasn't for me, so I went back to the tanning bed. I only have to go once a week to maintain color.
  11. I do the new Versaspa at Planet Tan now and I get great results compared to mystic tan. It is more expensive ( I think $34 for non members) but lasts a good week. Not sure if it is available nationwide..?
  12. OK I just tried LOREAL sublime airbrush.....its pretty good. I am doing a second coat today. Its a bit uneven but the darker areas, I was heavy handed, so I am going to do a little lighter today......Its a nice color however not orangey......
  13. Shoeangel, you should be able to find a mystic package that charges you a flat monthly rate for unlimited mystic sessions. I got to Palm Beach Tan, which is a chain, although I don't think they are in Seattle. I pay like $50 a month for unlimited (1 per 24 hours) mystics. I put my membership on hold for $5 a month during the winter when I don't bother tanning. The $5 accumulates and can be put towards your monthly fee when you take the account off hold. In the summer I try to do the mystic like every 5 days. I think a week is just a little too long to go between sessions, and once you do it a few times, any streaks or missed/exfoliated spots all blend together.
  14. Oh, I also bought the Loreal Sublime Glow last month when I had to bare my legs for the first time since fall - I really liked it. Had the same problems with any self-tanner on dry spots like feet/ankles, but you can spray it upside down or at any angle, which is great for getting the back. You also don't need to rub it in at all, so you never need to worry about getting your fingers or palms colored.
  15. I know this is a downer, but I just want to encourage everyone to stay out of tanning beds. I worked in dermatology and a lot of derms theorize that the increase in skin cancer that they are seeing in young women is a direct result of the increase in access to tanning beds. Its so not worth it.

    As far as self tanners, I am liking Keihl's right now. Im fair and I like the color. I have yet to get streaks, but it does darken on my ankles which I avoid by just moisturizing the anklebones first. I do think I'll give that L'Oreal a try.