Spray Tan?

  1. Has anyone ever gotten a spray tan? Thoughts? I'm thinking about getting one before I go to a wedding. How many days prior should I get it? thank you!
  2. I only spray tan. I would do it a day before. But if you have a few weeks before the wedding, practice once or twice first. Go in when you have plenty of time. Be sure to put the lotion stuff they provide to keep your feet and hands from tanning on very very well. I put it on my knees and elbows as well. It's very easy to do so don't be intimidated. It will start washing off in 2 or 3 days and will be gone in about 5 days.
  3. I used to spray tan a lot, I started using mystic tan about 5 years ago and it looked great for the first 3 days...then my skin looked very blotchy so make sure you do it the day before. Not the night before but Day!
  4. just started to a few months ago because im totally ashmed to say im a tanorexic. (hey I grew up in the buffalo area all you see is snow) but I started spray tanning, not so bad, like they said use that lotion all over toes , especially ankles, and palm of your hands. they have solution by the desk for any major screw up, I WOULD KNOW! but it's not bad. It always use to remind me of that friends episode so I was very hesitant but hey it works!