Spray Tan tips?

  1. Thank you to those of you who replied to my last thread about tanning alternatives! :flowers: so now i've booked myself in for a premier spray tan @ the fairmont!

    Any before/after tips?
    the lady who helped me on the phone when i was making my appointment didn't know much... :rolleyes: so far, i know i should:

    -wear no makeup prior to appointment
    -wear loose dark clothing
    -no showering until the next day :yucky:
    -exfoliate before appointment

    anymore? :shrugs:

    do i HAVE to not shower??? that's soo ICKY!! and can i put on makeup afterwards? i'm supposed to be doing something that night... + it's not going to leave a nasty mark on my clothes, is it!?:push:
  2. erm. i don't really like spray tans at salons.. i much rather do it by myself. i like ModelCo's airbrush tan in a can.

    Anyways, if you want to go to the salon, try doing it the last thing of the day. I'm sure you can shower the next day, but just don't exfoliate or use a product with AHA or acids in it.

    I think you can put make up only after the spray tan is thoroughly dry.
  3. I do it myself too, but I've had it done a few times...

    My tips are:
    -Make sure your skin is well moisturized. Any dry spots will end up darker.
    -They'll give you a barrier lotion, but I personally think vaseline works best. They tell you to put it on your elbows and knees which is good, but I also put it all over my feet, ankles and hands, because these are spots that tend to streak/splotch.
    -They tell you to rub it in when you're done. You can use either your hands or a towel to do this, but either way make sure you wash your hands REALLY well immediately even if they don't look stained!

    I agree with the loose dark clothing. Make sure your underwear is also dark, because spray tan ALWAYS stains my light colored bras :sad:

    I also agree with making it the last stop of your day, because spray tan kinda smells funky. Also if you have any dark streaks or splotches, Nair will take it off. Enjoy your tan!!! :tup:
  4. I usually go spray tanning right after my shower in the morning. I don't apply any lotions, creams or make-up. Also, you really shouldn't shower for the full time they tell you. I did once and it wasted my money, as the tan mostly washed off. That's why I like going in the morning right after my shower, because then I just shower the next morning as usual.
    You can put on make-up afterwards. I always go right home and put on my usual face cream and make-up. Make sure you put the barrier lotion or whatever all around your nails and cuticles.
    have fun... I actually like spray tanning a lot, I think it's relaxing LOL.
  5. WEAR NAIL POLISH! This is SUPER important unless you want to end up with a nasty nail colour untill they grow out!
  6. thanks!! that was really helpful! :yes: hm... i think i'll book a day earlier than scheduled JUST IN CASE it doesn't work out that well... then i'd have time to recover! :p

  7. is it going to get on my hair!? what about my eyebrows??:weird:
  8. No, they give you a shower cap type thing to put over your hair. Eyebrows, yes, but you wipe it off right after so nothing that should change the color or anything. I like it, but I have the hardest time not breathing the stuff in lol. Such a strange perfumey smell to it. Anyway, hopefully you'll like it. Definitely use the creams though! Oh, and make sure you dry thoroughly; I have gotten streaks before on the inside of my calf.
  9. LOVE your avatar!! :nuts:

    erm... am i going to have to go naked?? :sweatdrop:
  10. Thanks :smile:

    And yes, I think it is best to. I think the spray would probably stain anything else, though I have never tried. But you will have your shower cap ;) Seriously though, when you push the button, you have a few seconds and then Hold your breath! before you switch sides. Then a few hours later and you will see the start of a glowing tan!
  11. ^^ oh but i'm not going in a booth! somebody will be manually spray tanning me...!!
    ooooo how embarassing.....!!!! :shame:
  12. ^ That's actually better! I don't think you'll have to worry about it streaking and I also don't think you'll have to use your hands to rub it in. I would be slightly embarrassed too, but your tan will look soooo good when it's done!
  13. Oh, totally missed that! Anyway, it's just like getting a wax etc. where they are used to it so it's not a big deal to them. Let us know the results!