Spray painting your carly in a Berry color!!!???

  1. Tell me why my friend decided to spray paint her slim carly thats in the brass/khaki in leather parchment the BERRY color that we are all dying to have:nogood:...... I came over today and had this face when she showed me:wtf:! She just bought it yesterday and i come over to see it totally different!! She really found a way to cover the entire bag and only spray paint the leather parts, she thinks it looks good, i think it looks horrible:tdown: why would you want to do that to your bag!!!!! the parchment looked great to begin with! What would drive someone to do that, i don't get it, yup i think she lost it:shrugs:

    tell me its the craziest thing you've heard!!!
  2. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    I have no words.
  3. wow.. I am speechless
  4. Okay, that IS the craziest thing I have ever heard. :wtf:
  5. I want to see it.
  6. O M G
  7. wow you have to get pics of this!

  8. me 2
  9. Oh my...
  10. I didnt have my camera with me, but if i had known she was going to do that, well than.... all i did was lecture her on how could you buy a beautiful bag and ruin it like that, i actually hit her on the head, she didn't like that but oh well......yeah i'll try getting one when i see her again!! I just had to share this with you guys
  11. Oh this is so bad!!!!
  12. yes.. definite pics!!!!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  13. :wtf: Um WOW! Your friend is :nuts: or very :confused1: LOL! I cannot even imagine what made her think of that. Spray painting leather, ooh my!

    You should post pics! I can't even visualize in my head what that might look like!
  14. Wow... I think she deserves a :bagslap:

    I have to see pics of this....
  15. OMG!! O_O;;;;;

    I totally want to see what this looks like!!