Spray or no spray


Do you treat the vachetta with protectant sprays?

  1. Spray

  2. Don't spray

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  1. I finally got a Tivoli PM! Seems to me like my local store gets everything slow!

    But now I'm debating between the inevitable question that all LV first timers probably have: to spray or not to spray?!

    So, do you like your vachetta naked or sprayed with apple guard (or insert some other brand you use)?

    On another note, is there anything to treat/condition the canvas from cracking over time because it seems like the canvas cracks where it folds and there are many pleats and folds on the Tivoli!
  2. I don't put anything on my bags, wouldn't know what to buy here anyway as I don't think we have the Appleguard or Shining Monkey brands like other countries.:shrugs:
  3. Yep.. I spray! It does wonders keeping the vachetta paler for longer.. not to mention, it doesn't seem to get as dirty once it's sprayed.
    I use shining monkey because I have it, but I'm sure Appleguarde is good too.
  4. When storing... it helps to stuff your bag and keeping it in the dust bag... if you don't stuff your bag and fold it... it will crack over time...

    Like you said, the pleats is what has me leary of buying the tivoli or palermo...

    LOVE the tivoli though! great choice...
  5. I used to spray my others with KIVI, but I didn't do anything with my tivoli yet, I want to keep it untreated.
  6. I just used tana all protect and so far so good.
  7. I realize it's a personal preference and being new to LV bags I'm still on the fence after reading the FAQs so I just wanted to know how many people chose what.

    Plus, there seems to be a thread about people just giving up on vachetta cuz it's too high maintenance! Maybe spraying it will help with that? At least if the handles get dark you could wipe it down!
  8. ~Personally, I don't like vachetta all that much:sweatdrop: but I owned quite a few of them:push: What to do.... it's LV! You'll just have to learn to live w/ it. However, I choose not to spray my vachetta and I occasionally used baby wipes on minor dirt. Here's a website that *FashionMike* had on one of his threads http://www.hisremnant.org/Vuitton/care.html
    Also, refer to the thread that *Bag Fetish* previously provided. Hope this helps...Do enjoy your new LV, we griped a lot abt. the vachetta but we still love it nonetheless;) Good luck~
  9. I've treated all my bags with vachetta with Apple Guarde and SWEAR by it! I, personally, like my vachetta light and this aids in keeping it lighter but the best part is no water/rain stains! If it gets wet, it simply dries without spotting! I also have the Tivoli (PM) and she got treated shortly after coming out of the box!:smile:
  10. I spray!:smile: I use either Appleguarde or Wilson's leather protective spray (rain repellant). I find it works great ...No water stains, etc. (so far that is :sweatdrop:)! I should mention that I do change bags often, though...
  11. Hm... seems like a handful of people don't spray their vachetta but does cleaning and conditioning instead!

    Since it's my first LV I think I'm going to let it patina slowly on its own first before I use it. Seems idiotic not to use the bag you buy but that way I don't have to deal with the potential nervous breakdown from dirty handles!
  12. I finally HAD TO spray! In early '07 I did! I kept reading and doing a bit of research on it. SAs and/or LV CS will always discourage you not to put anything on the naked leather. I'm one of the paranoid ones when it comes to LV's vachetta. I started purchasing LVs since the early '02. I finally had to try what seems synonymous now to LV lovers - Apple Garde! Yeap, I'm a BELIEVER! It worked wonderfully! I got to finally purchasing a Mono Pochette Accessoire (new) early last year. I WAS very skeptical at first spraying the strap since it was BRAND NEW. I figured if I mess it up, the little vachetta strap is replaceable and could just possibly darken it abit. Became courageous and it turned out just fine!! After spraying 6-8 distance away in sweeping motion, it'll darken but WILL RETURN to its original or level of color. [NOTE: DO NOT OVERLY OR SATURATELY SPRAY from the directions I read. I waited an hour after till the second spray application] Result: I've had it for about a year now and it did what's it's suppose to do! Although, I don't use everyday but mostly last summer to early Fall and I was less paranoid! It just has a very slight patina now. The older ones were the same and slowed the patination and protected. ON MY HONEY PATINA LVs, I used the Apple CONDITIONER first. I personally waited overnight before I sprayed the Apple REPELLANT. After this process, I'm sure the time frame for patina darkening will depend to each own's use or handling too. It DID NOT harm all my LVs (new or old) - it only protects and I'm a so very happy camper!! :party:I
  13. SPRAY!!! IT ONLY PROTECTS!!! Just do it right and when you think it's needed to reapply. Wished I've done it way before! Now I'm starting to remove spots and grimes with the magic eraser. Pieces I sprayed held up and still are!!
  14. SPRAY!!! IT ONLY PROTECTS!!! Just do it right and when you think it's needed to reapply. Wished I've done it way before! Now I'm starting to remove spots and grimes with the magic eraser. Pieces I sprayed held up and still are!!