Spray or condition epi?

  1. I don't own any epi pieces, but know that I need a red something for summer (probably an alma)!

    Should or can the epi be sprayed and/or conditioned?

    I appreciate any and all advice....
  2. Hi there. I occasionally condition my black epi jasmin with Apple Guard Leather Conditioner. It makes my bag look shinier and takes out all the scratches I accrue from everyday use. But in general, epi is pretty durable and low maintenance.
  3. Well it is leather so I don't think it would hurt to condition it with leather conditioner from time to time, but as a general rule I don't do anything with my epi pieces. That's why I love them !
  4. Wonderful! Thank you.

    I have a red epi alma on hold at our store here--it's sold out on elux.

    When I asked what colors they had, it was red (just one!), mandarin and black. I was so tempted to get the mandarin knowing that no more are being made....
  5. I condition and spray every bag I get. Keeps everything nice longer!
  6. Oh that's good to know! Thank you for posting that! ;)
  7. I use Apple leather conditioner on my Myrtille epi leather too. But epi is pretty indestructable otherwise.
  8. an SA told me that the epi leather is covered with silicon anyway, so I don't think conditioning is of any use. btw when you put a drop of water on the epi leather you'll also see why he's right