Spray On indeed!


Oct 30, 2006
I received my Mono Speedy 30 from let-trade early this week. Since it's my first bag with vacchetta I'd planned to order Shining Monkey online to protect it before it could get delivered. Of course, totally procrastinated and didn't do that. Thanks to twink's thread http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/testament-to-leather-protectors-65502.html
I headed to my local Longs drugs and bought the Kiwi protector instead. I sprayed with no fear:biguns: !!! The little drop & spray marks all dried up even with 2 coats of the stuff. Yeah! I'm going to buy another bag and let it go untreated. With my usual use I'd like to see if there's any big difference. No opinion yet on treated vs. untreated.