Spraining the Ball of your Foot in Pigalle?

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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    I just slipped my right foot into my pigalle, and the ball of my foot, that one just under the large toe, was caught in one of the "shoulders" of the pigalle curve/side-cut. I pushed my foot further in, without trying to lift the pressure first resulting in some intense pressure around that part of my foot, which I ignored (since there were so many pressure points all over the place with the snug new patent pigalle). Then I walked.

    And suddenly, I felt as if that part of my foot was "twisted" in the inside. I mean, this pain is not on the skin level at all, it is in the *inside*. Like if a muscle is twisted, or sprained, or as if some nerve was pinched. So, I stopped and made sure that the whole ball of my foot (my left foot was fine all the way) sat properly in the base of the shoe, this time with help of my finger, lifting the side of the pigalle before pushing my foot further in, rather than relying on gravity.

    But the pain persist thereafter. Now, no matter which shoes I am wearing, I feel the same twisting sort of pain in the ball of my right foot. While I had no such problem with any of my shoes prior to this.

    Anyone know what this is...?? How do I make the paid disappear? Do I need to go to a podiatrist?
  2. Ouch ! That sounds painful

    I get pain in the ball of my foot, well from my slight bunion when it's trapped and I haven't bothered to correct it

    I'd maybe go see a podiatrist, though I think they will just say the normal of don't wear high heels :rolleyes:
  3. Sigh... I've only *just* started wearing proper heels..!
  4. Maybe it's just your tootsies warning you to not over do it !

    It's probably just a sprain, If that's possible. A couple of days with lower heels like wedges or nearly flats ( flats aren't very good for your feet ) and it'll probably be gone
  5. join the 'i sprained my foot in my CLs' club! so far it's just me....
  6. I'm a CMT and from the sound of it you've just messed with a tendon or ligament. Stay out of heels for a few days, ice it, soak it in warm water and epsom salts and maybe go schedule yourself a massage. If you think you may have broken anything, however, go straight to the Doc and get an x-ray.

    No worries...your feet will recover to walk again in gorgeous CL's....
  7. :P
  8. well a few days! that's nothing! it will be a total of about 12-15 weeks for me! :sad:
  9. :shocked: that long ?

    What on earth did you do ? I know you mentioned something about a topple in your activas but I didn't know it was so bad

    I hadn't discovered this place when you had your tumble
  10. well i did take a topple but i already had ankle surgery to put that same ankle back together 5 years ago. so i wasn't in good shape to start. 2 weeks injured, 3 weeks cast, 8-10 weeks physical therapy before i get to think about heels!
  11. Oh my goodness, you poor thing !

    It must be driving you crazy that you're going to have to get used to wearing them again

    I had ankle and knee surgery a while back and it's so annoying having to go out in flats

    At least you'll be fit and ready for the christmas parties :tup:
  12. yes, i am working on strengthening my ankle, knee and hip muscles to better support my leg for the future

    so ladies...take care in your heels! they may be dangerous!!

    it's like cigarettes...addictive AND dangerous! (do you think they'll create a warning label?)
  13. NOPE, and ME! I did mine about a year ago. My ankle STILL pops funny. I know can pop it from the side. It's really weird!
  14. LOL! Imagine that!
  15. thanks L&A. this put my mine at ease! i don't think i have broken anything. the way i did it, i would be incredibly surprised if anything broke (if that is the case, it might be a reason to stop my attempt at starting to wear more heels this 'late' in life!!) it feels more like a tendon or ligament thing. like my muscle is out of place. it is a bit tricky to describe...