Sprained ankle!!! Yuck!

  1. On Friday I was cleaning up the backyard and tripped in whiole my son left (he was looking for dino bones ;) ). I thought it was broken for sure..thankfully it is only sprained, but still I will be on crutches for awhile and have to do PT :cursing:!

    My middle son, was almost excited when it happened, "should I call 911, mom?"...lol
  2. LMAO @ your son! That is too cute :smile: Glad that you are okay though. Take it easy and don't try and do too much too soon
  3. Hope your ankle feels better soon!

    Good thing you can shop for LV on Elux and spare yourself the pain of hobbling to the boutique!! LMAO
  4. Oh no! So glad it's not broken. Make sure to get plenty of rest, support it with a tensro and ice it when you can.
  5. OMG, Mary!! Boys--they love the blood and guts stuff, don't they? Seriously, a sprained ankle can hurt as much as a broken one. I hope you heal quickly.
  6. Oh no! That's no fun. Hope you have a quick recovery. I thought maybe you were going to say it was all that running to and from the post office shipping out our wonderful tPF keychains. :p
  7. OH NO that's what happened!

    so sorry to hear that *hugs*

    sprained ankles are though - i've had those alot!!

    try to be easy and gentle on your ankle.

    I hope u feel better soon.

    ur kids are so cute!
  8. i hope you feel better soon.
  9. Get Better soon Tink!!
  10. Ack! That's not good...my friend sprained her ankle and had to use crutches for 4 WEEKS, and now she has to wear an ankle brace for a whole year! Hope your ankle gets better soon Twinkle!
  11. Sending you healing wishes! Make sure you stay off of it as much as possible. You want it to thoroughly heal. Take Care.
  12. Awwww Tink!!! Soo sorry to hear this. I know how much a sprained ankle can hurt... and both of your sons sound so cute!! ?One digging for bones and the other wanting to call 911, they sound like fun!

    Rest up and feel better soon!!! :heart:
  13. Thanks everyone! After the long weekend, with it up, wrapped and iced and minimal moving around it is much better than I thought it would be.
  14. awwww Tink..I'm sorry!! Take care of yourself!!!! ((HUGS))
  15. Good luck! I fell on 1/3 and originally thought sprained but turned out 2 hairline fx. They never sent me to PT though. I am finally walking without a limp but if I do too much I do end up hobbling. Its a long long healing process! Good luck on the crutches!