Spotting the fake quiz

  1. Woo I got them all :yahoo:
  2. phew! that was a tricky quiz.
  3. I miseed the Ed Hardy question...
    Thanks, sonya. that was fun!
  4. missed ed hardy... I don't know (or care to know) that label. Fun quiz!
  5. I missed the watch question. I know absolutely nothing about watches; and haven't worn one for the past 15 years.
  6. i also missed ed hardy.. but its ok :smile: i got the bags right hehe
  7. ii got it all correct it was really easy to tell.
  8. yay! got them all right! the antik one threw me a bit...i haven't seen those new labels, but the fake ones just looked really off.
  9. I got the Ed Hardy one wrong. It was hard to tell because both were so tacky. The knockoff was slightly less tacky compared to the real one.
  11. i got the yellow watch question wrong! haha thnx 4 the game, it was fun!:biggrin:
  12. I got it correct.. but more easier to tell IRL.
  13. I missed the jimmy choo. i'm so embarrassed :shame:
  14. I miss the one with the kooba bag