Spotting Fakes - Any General Guidelines?

  1. I'm really bad at searching, but I did try and it didn't really give me a clear answer.

    What do you "experts" look for when determining if something is a fake? Honestly, I scrolled through a bunch of the different 'authenticate' threads and couldn't tell any of them were fake. :shrugs:

    I've never owned a name brand purse, but let me tell you ... after being on this board I have started noticing them more and more. ;) And I may just want to save up and get me one of them thar fancy purses. :lol:

    So are there any 'clues' that one should look for in general with any bags? I realize that some bags are easier to fake than others. But I would assume that there are some constants.

    And why is the 'green card' with LV bags a dead give-a-way as to fakes on Ebay? I read that in one of the threads and was clueless.

    Oh and if I just wasn't able to find a previous thread with all this information I'd love if someone linked it. I don't mean to double post on purpose. :shame:
  2. Hi CastoCreations

    I am by no means an expert but there are a few things to look for as a general rule

    1. Price - if it seems to good to be true it probably is! A £2,000+ bag will not be resold for £300.00 whatever the reason given!

    2. If on ebay always check their feedback - it can be quite telling esp if they have been negged for selling fake bags!

    3. Leather - alot of high end bags are famous for their leather (think Fendi Spy/Balenciaga) If it is a fake it is usually noticeable through the leather NB although there are some exceptions with superfakes!

    4. Always ask the Seller questions - like for receipt/where brought etc. Their response (or lack of!) can be very indicative

    This is a start though I am sure others will have more/better suggestions!!

    Hope this helps

  3. This is just my general advice I give about spotting fakes (copied from an older thread on the same topic):

    1. Check the feedback. You can enter the seller's name at to view their negatives and neutrals without having to wade through several pages. Any mention of fakes is a red flag for me. If the seller has private feedback, I also stay away.

    2. Read the descriptions carefully. It's obvious to stay away if the seller says they don't know if the item is real or not, but I also avoid sellers who won't allow you to return items. Also, look at the starting price for the item. No person in their right mind would sell a brand new $1000+ bag for $100 or $200. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Other red flags are auctions that only contain one picture (especially if the seller refuses to send more), have stock photos from sites like Eluxury or Saks, and auctions that last only one day.

    3. Look at the seller's other items. Does the seller have several of the same bag? If they do, I'd stay away. Do any of the items look questionable? If one item looks off, stay away.

    4. Look at the pictures carefully. Things to be wary of are bags that have poor stitching, bags that appear plasticy, bags that don't have the correct leather texture (too smooth or too distressed; compare to photos of authentic ones from legit sites), logo or monogram bags in which the logos don't line up properly, or logo fabrics that appear to be cut crooked. Also look at what is included with the bag. Some designers issue Controllato cards; some don't. For example, if you see a yellow card or little brown envelope with a LV bag, stay way. Also be wary of hang tags, especially those made from swatches of leather or canvas. Those only accompany the cheapest fakes. Look at the stamping/date codes/serial numbers. Learn what these are supposed to look like on the real bags. Look for incorrect fonts or numbers that don't make sense. Also stay away from bags that have stamping that appears uneven.

    5. If you are interested in a specific designer, try to learn everything you can about it before you go looking on Ebay. The more you know about what the real deal is supposed to look like, the less likely you will be to get duped. Good luck!
  4. Thanks you two! Not just for myself, but I also want to know for my little cousins who are venturing on to Ebay. One bought a Coach purse for $'s just small and it's real pretty but I have no idea if it was authentic or not. I hope so. I'm super protective of them and I wouldn't want them getting ripped off. :smile:

    And of course for myself. =D