Spotted something from SS08

  1. While browsing NAP, this came up. What do you think? Probably a M tote, Milena, Marina or something. I'm not sure how all the zips will look IRL...?

  2. Wow, that's pretty flash. :smile:

    Is it a zip running up the middle or is that a frame ala Alex/Arad/Adele/Ayse?
  3. ohhhh pretty!

    Off topic, but I love how they show outfits with the bags.
    That's the best way to convince me I NEED it... even tho I have a good 50 pounds on that mannequin and wouldnt look nearly as good with that bag in MY hand! lol
  4. Pass.
  5. It doesn't do anything for me. But, I hear that something in turquoise is coming and I'm eager to see what that will be!
  6. I'm not sure JC is that great with totes... I saw the ones with pailettes last weekend in Dublin and they were not that bad, but maybe somehow they looked less "luxe" than I had imagined from the JC site.

    Mlowran, I love they way NAP presents their stuff too, it gives me great ideas for how to put together things from my wardrobe.
  7. I love totes, but from JC - I was hoping for something a little bit more "luxe" as you put it Polaremil. Not too crazy about it.