Spotted: Silver hardward Carly?

  1. Hey Girls! I was at Dillards today and saw a large Carly, grey with black c's and silver hardward. There was only one and I'd never seen it before. The color wasn't very cute but it is silver!
    Just though I'd let you all know, I know some girls were waiting to see a Carly with silver.

    : )
  2. Silver hardware? Never seen that before.
  3. I saw one on Macys. I was excited cause I Thought that this ment that more Carlys were coming in silver, but she said its just because people do not like the black and gray with gold, but with silver.
  4. awe! well that bites. i'd never seen the grey and black but it wasn't cute in the carly style.
    too bad! maybe we can still hope for next year.
  5. I would love it if they caught on and made more carlys with silver. The gold hardware is the number one reason why I haven't picked up a carly. I only have one bag that has brushed gold hardware that I carry and I hate the hardware, but I love the bag itself so much that I look past it. But I can't seem to get past the gold on the carlys. Wishful thinking. :yes:
  6. I saw that that too, kinda weirded me out though...
  7. Its true the gold for me is also a bummer its juts to much... but I thought about it the all black would look great but the chocolate i do not think it would I love the chocolate but I think gold still complements it best... I would have to see it.
  8. I want it!
  9. I don't like it, it looks fake. IDK it just has that feel to me... Egh.
  10. me too
  11. OMG I love it! Is it old or new? I just bought a grey and black Signature Stripe tote too. :sad: How much was it?
  12. I didn't ask how much it was, i was just walking by. But I agree I do think the gray made it looke fake, might just be me though. : )
  13. I don't like silver hardware, kinda looks cheap and fake to me. Especially the gray and black combo :yucky:. I love the gold hardware.
  14. first thought would be that it was fake too, especially if I just saw it on eBay. I actually kinda like it though in the black/white signature with the silver....don't know how I would feel about any other color though besides black. I'll have to go to Dillards or Macys to see if they have it in stock to check it out IRL.