Spotted new shopping bag at Toki signing

  1. Hi everyone, been off line a while...:sad:

    I just moved and trying to get back into my routine.

    Did anyone out there go to the signing at Mobius in Los Angeles (Korea Town)

    I am kicking myself :crybaby:for not taking a pic of the shopping bag that Simone's girlfriend was carrying. It was super cute. Reminded me of the old shopping bags my Grandmother and Mom used to use in the 60's and 70's.

    Anyway, hope to chat with you all soon!:nuts:
  2. Wow pics would have been cool! Is she cute?
  3. He has a girlfriend??
  4. Yes, unfortunately for us, he's taken... :girlsigh: :p
  5. I didn't mean it that way :graucho:
    So is his girlfriend Japanese, or very tomboyish/manly?
  6. Haha I think she's pretty! She doesn't look Japanese though
  7. I think she's pretty too! I don't know what ethnicity she is either though...

    Lucky Mango, what kind of shopping bag? What did it look like?
  8. I want to know more about what the shopping bag looked like too! How big was it, what did it look like it was made out of (canvas?), and what was the design on it like?
  9. I was at the signing...her bag was sooo cute! I actually expressed my interest to Simone's business partner[one of them] and she said that it will most likely be given out at the sundance film festival
  10. What did it look like???
  11. Sorry for the late looked the size of those re-usable red target bags but the material seemed plastic-y...I don't know...that's what it looked like to me...
  12. Did it have tokidoki characters on it ? :confused1: