Spotted: New RM Pink and Purple bags

  1. I thought my fellow Minkettes might be interested in these colors I found today at my local Nordstroms in Philadelphia. I have not seen these for sale anywhere else, and they're not even on the Nordstroms website.

    Color Names: Pink = Pink Iris ................. Purple = Viola

    Leather = matte, not pebbled and NO GLAZE whatsoever. The bag will mark and distress. All of the bags on the sales floor already had marks, but they'll probably buff out. I would say if you dont like marked leather dont buy these colors though.

    Hardware = Light gold. I actually was looking at it at many angles because it was so pale it looked almost silver.

    Lining = Blue Dot.

    Bags shown are 2 mini zip macs, and 1 full size mac bombe.

    These were crazy pretty!!! I didnt get any of them, since I have no use for a Mini Mac in my life. But here's hoping that these colors are made in MAMs since I bet they'd be popular.
    012.JPG 010.JPG
  2. I have a pale grey MAM on the way....should I be worried about distressing and marks?? I am very careful with my handbags so I am hoping not!
  3. RM's leathers vary greatly in their texture. Most aren't prone to marking the way these bags will.

    If you are buying form an eBay or bonanza seller you could always ask if the bag is prone to distress or mark easily.....

    Goodluck with your bag!!
  4. I saw theses at Nordstrom tonight also in West Hollywood. I really wish the would make more bags with silver hardware though.
  5. I just ordered the Mini MAC in viola. Should be here by next week!
  6. I just got my mini mac in viola, the one without the zippers. It is so cute and I love the color! The only thing that bugs me is it looks like they now sew the tassels together so you can't take them off? I know that most people like the tassels but I usually take them off. But I love this mini mac so much I don't mind keeping them on. :smile:
  7. I also saw these in a Nordies (Seattle area) and was immediately drawn to the pink iris. It's a saturated pink with some purple tones to it (not neon or hot pink by any means). I think it's perfect for spring and summer. The leather does seem delicate and of the two that were there, 1 of the mini 5 zips had more pebbling than the other.

    I didn't buy the bag that day ($200, small bag, non-neutral color) but then I couldn't stop thinking about it. They've JUST started popping up online and just stocked them with a 20% off code so I had to get it. Yay for $40 off!

    I'm super worried about the leather though. I don't baby my bags so it's been good that my other RMs have been rather sturdy so now I have to look into protecting this one. I'm just worried that a protectant will change the color.
  8. Where did you guys find the mini mac's? Also, have you posted any pics? I'd love to see!!! :biggrin: TIA!
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