Spotted my first LV fake...

  1. I don't have any LV, but this board has really educated me. I was in Wal-mart the other night to check out their camera display when I walked by a woman with a large bag in her shopping cart. As I go closer, I could see that although it was similar to the signature design, the initials
    'LV' weren't actually on it. Instead it had some scrolly design. I was amused... not that someone in a Wal-Mart was carrying a fake, but that I could tell the difference! See what you all have taught me? :supacool:
  2. It's kinda fun, huh? :p

    I was in Vegas at one of the buffets, when I spotted my "first fake".... I already forget exactly what it was...something in mono, but I remember thinking "that patina looks off...why is it orangy?".... and then spotting that fabric swatch that hangs off of fakes....and chuckling to myself. :rolleyes:

    Yay, us!
  3. I guarantee you'll see many many more!! I see them every day!
  4. i have been spotting fakes my whole life. lol. its good that you are educated in spotting them.
  5. hehehe, it is fun.....even my bf has picked up on my habits and points out fakes:p
  6. It's funny how, once you get into LV, you start noticing the reals AND the fakes!

    I have a co-worker with an awful fake; the brown is very light and it has the lookalike scrolling without the actual 'LV'. I see them all the time at WalMart, Target, etc.--especially LV monogram knockoffs. The dark brown with the lighter brown handles and monogram draw the eye (since I'm a mono lover!), and then you're disappointed to see yet another fake!
  7. Haha well, my mom was at Walmart yesterday with her Polkadot Bowly!
    I was there with my Patchwork.
    I love going to Walmart. Low Prices!
    Great way to save for more LV.
  8. I am so embarassed about this, I complimented a woman in the elevator the other day (yes it took a whole lotta palle). She had what appeared to be an ellipse, but it was hidden by her body. I just said I love the shape of the ellipse...wish they made it in EPI. She looked at me like I had 2 heads. I then added, your bag...and she went "'s not real...I got it for #20 in NYC". I felt so so so angry with myself at not being able to see it!!! How embarassing. And the one time i grew the nerves to compliment someone!!
  9. It's good to know, lol.

    I saw one today, I was in the car and drove by a fake speedy with feet. it was walking itself, down the street just clamoring along. honest.

    ....just kidding, lol. some business looking-dressed lady had it, it was the roundish fake footed one, the really obvious not real kind. oy vey. :yucky:
  10. will see more guarantee!!!
  11. Everytime I go somewhere I always like to spot real/fake bags. This forum has really educated me. My husband thinks im crazy when I say "hunny look thats a fake bag"
  12. I also like to make fun of fake LVs. But my DH is not amused and says that I am smug!
  13. How about when you see someone with a fake bag and you keep running into this SAME person(who you don't even know) all over town! For me, the first time I saw it was when I went to drop off my middle child at school, I saw this woman walking into the building with a black mc inspired ellipse. Then some time later I see the same woman with the same bag while shopping at Office Max! THEN just this past week, same woman about to cross the street as I'm driving by, sporting yet again, her hideous wannabe mc LV. The thing is the woman is quite attractive and just the person you'd imagine to be wearing a real designer bag, she's really very pretty and put together, go figure. I wonder how many more times I will run into her and her inspired LV, lol.
  14. It's kind of a love/hate thing for me. We used to have a regular Wal-Mart and I enjoyed going there usually. Then it closed a few months ago, and all we have are the SuperCenters (which I really hate to go to). Although they have opened up the Neighborhood Markets, which are nice.
  15. Ugh, people and authentic replicas - a sad, sad day