Spotted- multicolor with grenade zippy

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  1. I saw one in Seattle and SA said there are 6 in US right now!

  2. Beautiful ❤️
  3. I'm in Melbourne, Australia and I picked up one at the Chadstone store about two weeks ago! They also had the Insolite in both noir and blanc!
  4. Gorgeous.
  5. Beautiful
  6. I wish they had some smaller items than wallets at my store. I would've bought those!

    I purchased an insolite pre owned not long ago but can't use it because the smoke smell stuck on the canvas (wasn't disclosed). I tried baking soda, febreeze (sprayed from a distance), dryer sheets, and now trying fresh air. Nothing works so far. I researched it here but everything is for bags and not wallets. Seems much harder with wallet. I wish I would've just bought insolite brand new but they aren't around here.
  7. Oh no! I hate it when people don't state everything correctly in listings! So disappointing! I have tried white vinegar before to get rid of smells. I popped a small bowl of it in the bag and then bundled the whole lot into a huge garbage bag and just let it sit for a day or two. I had to air it out afterwards to get rid of the vinegar smell but it worked a little! Maybe give it a go! :smile:

    I wish they would keep making MC SLG's - but then again, I never felt this huge desire to buy a piece till I heard the line was being discontinued!! Hahahah! I am kind of paranoid about the print rubbing off over time but while I was in-store a lady came over with her own MC zippy and was telling me how she's had it for 4 years and she uses it everyday and it's been fine - I had a look and it did look beautiful and pristine! I would love it if they still had the cles or keyholders, that would be great! :heart:
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  8. I am trying this cedar thing I read about on the forum and if that does not work, I will try charcoal and afterwards vinegar I guess. lol.

    I am glad to hear about hers being 4 years old and used daily. I wonder why some chip so easily. What did people do for that to happen compared to that lady?!
  9. Good luck! Hope one of them works out! It could possibly not even be that bad anymore with all the different methods you've tried but because you know it's there, you're probably more attuned to it and think it's still the same as before, if that makes sense! I know I always make myself go crazy over stuff like this! :P

    Yes, I'd heard so many scary stories (ha!) about the chipping, it made me very cautious about buying a MC piece! Who knows, I wish I had had a longer chat with her now! Hahah! She said she just can't use any other wallet because she loves it so much and was very happy to let me look at it. Even the SA was like, well I don't even have to try and sell you this one! :biggrin:
  10. I was just in the store!!! They still have it!
  11. Do you happen to know how much it was?
  12. Gorgeous. If I could just find a noir MC Sarah...
  13. I have an MC noir Sarah bought in Australia....I thought I was getting one of the last and they keep coming back! I actually I hate it and its sitting in my closet waiting for when I can be bothered to ebay!
  14. Ahhh please list it for me! Haha!
  15. I had no interests in it so I didn't physically looked. Sorry!