Spotted many LV's at my son's school play!

  1. So I went to my son's first grade music show today and as I was trying to get to my seat with my daugher in tow I had to practically climb over people. I first passed a woman with an alma...and then a woman with a noe. I stopped and was like "I LOOVE your bags!!!" Of course, I had my speedy with me. People were like "will you sit down lady so we can see the kids?!" It was so cool seeing LV's since I seldom do out here in the burbs of Mass. Ok...just wanted to share.
  2. ah, they all come out of the woodwork huh? ;) i'm glad you got to see so many in one day/place. love that pic of your daughter with the bag!!
  3. Thanks! I took that today - she loooved playing with my bags. My husband thinks I am turning her into another LV fanatic...which I am. Hey at least she will have good taste right?
  4. Absolutely, a beautiful young lady with great taste like her mum :smile:
  5. and hopefully you can pass them down to her someday!
  6. Your daughter is cute!
  7. LOL!!!
  8. How cute!

  9. Awwww..thanks sweetie.
  10. haha! I LOVE seeing other people with LV's. I rarely get to see ANY!
  11. ahhh how exciting :smile: *hug*
  12. i'll bet those ladies were pleased as well to see you and yours.
    Glad it was a good time!
  13. cool!
  14. your daughter is cute!!
  15. Cute lucky you, glad you had fun!