Spotted lots & lots of LV today, and all of them authentic!

  1. I think I spotted more LV today than any other time.

    I did some shopping at the LV boutique, so obviously I saw a lot of LV there. But outside of the boutique, I saw a MC Petite Noe, 2 Monogram Eclipses, a lot of speedies (both Monogram & Damier), a white Suhali Lockit and a Dentelle speedy.

    By far the best sighting was a mother & daughter. The daughter had a black Suhali Le Fab, and the mother had a dark brown Hermes Birkin!! I told my DH that was $10,000 worth of handbags walking by us.
  2. Sounds like you had a fun day.
  3. Wow! That is quite the bag watching experience. Well done! I usually see a ton of Speedy s, a few Cabbas Mezzo's or Luca totes and the odd Alma. Hmmmmm.....maybe I need to find a better place to shop!
  4. how fun. I can't help but get all excited when I see an LV sighting.
  5. Hahhahaa... am off to Brissy next week as I posted in another thread, and will definitely be LV spotting whilst away! It'll be funny too as the mates I'm going down to see aren't really into LV's, so I'm expecting to get some ribbing from them for Vuitton spotting! :p
  6. OMG my heart would probably skip a beat if I saw someone with a Suhali bag! I have yet to come across one here!

    But sounds like a great LV bag-watching experience you had! I'd also get all excited at so many LV sightings! :p
  7. Ooh! Two wild Suhali sightings!
  8. Sound great ... I love seeing other people with authentic bags, makes me happy that they prefere quality instead of some knock-off ...

  9. ^^^^^^

    You MUST be in Europe, that would hardly be the case here in the states where fakes abound !!!!!
  10. I was at Costco today and saw a family of 4, mother and 3 daugthers each carrying authentics. Mom with Damier Papillon, and the daughters with MM looping, Bosphore & Mono Papillon. It was really nice. I hope to see myself and my daughter like that in the future. Even my DH made a sweet comment.

    Too bad it is often cases you see more fakes then real ones.
  11. It's nice to people watch sometimes. It's AWESOME to people watch with their LVoes!!!!
  12. It's funny here where I live there are a lot of fakes being sold. But when I go to this one particular mall (probably the most high-end mall we have here), I see so many authentic LVs carried's so nice to see. I love just sitting in the coffee shop and watching all the women go by.
  13. That's nice! :smile:
    I wish I could have more LV sighthings too...I don't live near the central district hence my heart does skip a beat when i see aunthentic LVs being carried around. I haven't even seen a birkin bag IRL!!! :sad:
    I'll feast my eyes out on Monday though as I'll be going to the one and only LV boutique in our country.:happydance:
  14. Cool! I love hearing about people's sightings! I get excited when I see epi or anything non mono. I usually see mono speedies, ellipse, piano, mezzo and the bh I'm seeing more and more of too. The last great bag I saw was a brown epi alma on a woman who was easily in her 70's, she was rocking it though!
  15. oooh, sound so exciting! i was at my local mall today too. i usually see mostly coach purses. but i saw one woman walking hand in hand with her bf. and she carried a white epi bowling montaigne pm! i had never seen it in person, and i swear! i was about to squeal with delight and run over and ask her if i could see it. it looked gorgeous from afar. lol!