Spotted Fake toki's

  1. I went to Disneyland yesterday. I took my family who's visiting from Mexico. I was in line with my 4 year old cousin for Dumbo and I turn around and there is a woman wearing not one but TWO fake toki's. On around her waist and the other on her arm. It was the playground and OP. I couldn't believe it, 2 fakes on one person.

    I looked for others carrying a Toki but no luck. You'd think with all the people in that park I'd have to find someone. But, never did see anyone. :sad:

    But these girls came running up to me while I was in line to by a lemonade and asked me where I got my Tutti Ciao Ciao. They were so excited to see it. My mom had her Pirata Bambinone and they loved her's too. The were from out of town and were so happy to see a Toki. So cute!
  2. aww boo for the fake tokis but yay for people who loved your real tokis!! :biggrin:

    I've seen more fakes IRL than I have real ones. Twice I've seen a girl at the Broadway-Lafayette train station with a real L'amore Campeggio and I always wonder if she's from the forum ... haha
  3. too, i see way more fakes then real toki's. i seem to always point them out to my hubby or whoever will listen. i would be ashamed to carry around a fake. because i know people like me, would be watching....:sneaky:
  4. I've never seen a real tokidoki outside of the store and my own collection, I've only seen people carrying fakes...
  5. I hate fakes too =( While I haven't seen a fake toki yet, I don't doubt that I'll see one one of these days. Fakes make me so boss' daughter walked in with a fake of my LV bag the other day...after months of admiring my bag, she had to go get a NASTY fake (not even the good fakes that are hard to tell). Makes me not want to carry my bag anymore...what makes it worse is their family is so well off that they could buy ANY bag in the store but they're too cheap to buy real bags. All I see them carry are fakes and it makes me sick...

    People who buy fakes should be :bagslap:
  6. haha before I got into purses I bought a fake LV .. I think it's called papillion or something like that. I bought it for fun and it was like $30 but since then I haven't bought a fake anything :biggrin:
  7. I was window shopping in Soho yesterday and saw a girl with a fake Foresta zucca-like bag. Hedious! Hedious! I was just trailing behind her and I caught up, walked past her with my L'Amore gioco. We stopped at a red light and she stood next to me. I had to stare at her fake and she made a run for the light and almost got hit by a yellow cab. Maybe she was in a real hurry or maybe?
  8. hahaha ... wow I guess she was THAT embarrassed.

    For some reason when I've seen people with fakes, they look at me with a "i'm better than you" look which is sooo weird because I'm the one with the REAL bag ... lol
  9. nah... that's the "I paid $30 for my FAKE and you blew over $100 for the same thing!" look.... :graucho:
  10. I think that a vast majority of the people that think that way can't tell for themselves between real and fake bags so to them, they got a "bargain." It's only the ones that can truly tell the difference between real and fake bags that are smirking at the fact that they WASTED $30 on a fake
  11. hahaha yah ... that's possible too!!! :p
  12. i've seen more fakes than real bags, and i noticed that when people have fakes they never say anything about them. i think they just buy them not realizing what tokidoki is. at least some of them....

    people with obviously fake LVs are a different story tho.

    i just don't get it:shrugs:
  13. I also have seen more fakes than real Toki's. In fact, I've never seen another person with a Toki (other than me!).
    It's weird, I've seen more knockoffs lately of the LeSportsac style- not the Toki print necessarily, just the style of the LeSportsac....
    It's funny, in my opinion, Prada really started the nylon bag trend, but LeSportsac has kept it going it seems. I wonder if there will be a fashion rebellion against heavy leather bags which have been popular until recently, and the nylon bag will resume top popularity.
    Geez....Toki bags are ALREADY expensive enough!!
  14. I've never seen a fake! Which is a good thing haha~ I was in NYC yesterday and I expected to see a few (I even casually looked at the fake-bag stands on the side of the streets)... but I didn't see any~ I did see a lot of real toki, though :yes: :tup:
  15. I really don't understand the whole fake bag thing. I'd be so embarassed to carry it. But I think that may be my warpped thoughts. Who knows.

    My BF is just glad I've switched to Tokidoki rather than Isabella Fiore. I came home with my first Toki, a Pirata and he was like, "Did that cost $500.00?" When I said no, he was really quite excited. So girls...Go out and buy a really expensive bag so that when you bring home your Toki he's actually happy about it! haha

    Ok, not sure how I got on that subject...