Spotted Coach Bags

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  1. On the Coach website there is a section called "spotted". In the picture is Christina Hendricks Clearly with the Station bag yet Coach has it as the Willis bag. Do they not know thier onw bags!

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  2. Spotted means....they "saw" the bag out and about some place!
  3. Oh, they were probably just chomping at the bit to get CH in there with a bag on their site and the Station Bag is not in their Classics but the Willis is! Maybe someone at Coach said, "Meh, close enough." Of course never dreaming of the keen eye of an alert tPF member! LOL Nice catch.
  4. Oh Lordy....I need more coffee.......NOW! LoL!
  5. I agree.. I wish they would put the Station bag back on I would like to buy a new one. I had an original one in mahogany that I gave to my sister then she gave it away. Kicked myself in the butt for giving that one away lol
  6. Hey, before I clicked the post, I thought I was gonna see the new Dotted Style stuff, LOL.. Maybe I oughta swing on by for some coffee with ya.
  7. I LOVE the Station Bag. I was looking at the Classics yesterday, wondering why it wasn't there. I love Willis too but sometimes, with the longer dowel, it can feel awkward...

    CH is rockin that bag. She is such a class act.
  8. I like the Willis it is just to heavy. That is why I had bought the Station bag and loved to wear it crossbody like CH is. I have been buying Coach since 1990 when they only sold classics lol.
  9. LoL....I can't quit myself! We have a Keurig here....come on over!:smile: