Spotted: Big Foot Carrying a French Blue GH Hobo

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  1. ....just kidding I've never seen either one.:P So, since this is a forum on handbags, I was wondering whether anyone had actually seen a FB GH Hobo? :shrugs: I have been obsessed with FB lately and love the GH hobo style, so I went searching for pics and can't locate any. Does anyone have any pics or evidence that these elusive bags actually exist or are they a mere figment of our imagination? Please post photos or just confirm that they exist.

    Oh yeah, bonus points for anyone that actually does have a picture of Big Foot with a FB hobo (now wouldn't that be fab)! :amazed:
  2. It seems like FB was so limited in the styles it came in! I'm still mourning the apparent nonexistance of the First.

    How odd that they wouldn't be milking that beautiful colour for every penny it's worth - in every style they make!
  3. ^^I did hear that the basically canceled one of the production runs of FB because of delays. I was just hoping that they made a FB GH hobo before they had problems.
  4. I would have loved a FB giant day!! I looked everywhere on earth for my sister and couldn't find one......:tdown: I'm sure they were never made!
  5. AR had one two weeks ago! It's gone now but they definitely had it... I saw the pic. :yes:
  6. Glimmer, are you referring to the GH Day or the GH Hobo? Either way, I'm excited for our first official spotting! Good reporting!
  7. Glimmer: I bought the last GH French Blue Day bag on Tues from AR. I just receive it today. The leather is gorgeous! I will post pictures wearing it this weekend as I seriously can't find any pic of the French blue GH day in this forum. Also, does AR send you pictures?? I ask for it & AR told me that the are not allow to do it. :confused1::confused1: Can you post the pictures that AR send you? Thanks!
  8. Hi Chuggie! It was a Day but have you tried calling them about the Hobo?
  9. Ooh, yay for you! I bet it's gorgeous!

    Yeah, they wouldn't send me the PDF of their entire stock but they did send me a cropped pic of the Day bag selection they had.
  10. I did call them, but no FB hobo. I also called BalNY and had Barneys in Boston run a search for me. No luck yet, so I just don't know if one was ever made.

    I am happy that a PFer got the day bag in FB and I'm excited to see photos. :yes:
  11. Oh wow - I can't wait to see that! Post gazillions of pics!:yahoo:
  12. ahhh!

    where are the pics?!

    i've been wanting to see this bag for ages!
  13. Ohhh man...I almost bought that from AR last month. I decided not to...but now I wish I had! Post lots of pics, pleeez!!!!
  14. P.S. english_girl....there is a FB RH Day at NM in Newport Beach if you are still looking for one!
  15. ahh i had a dream about a french blue day !