Spotted at TJMaxx/Marshalls

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  1. Hey everyone. I know there are lots of threads that people have made about seeing Coach bags at TJMaxx, Marshalls, or other similar places but I thought I would make one thread where we could post anything good we spot (and don't want ourselves:graucho: ) so that maybe a Coach sister from here can find it. During the course of the semester, I typically visit both stores at least once a week but now that school is over, I'm not sure how often I'll get over there. But I pretty much always see at least one Coach bag.

    But I did stop by today and saw at Marshalls a bunch of bumblebee demis for $79.99 each and also a couple of black leather demis with a rounded bottom for the same price. That was it there today. Oh yeah, they did also have a Kate Spade gold ipod shuffle case for like $15. At TJMaxx they had an older style Soho leather flap bag in black. The square shaped sort which is kind of flat and has the buckle in front, and where the flap goes over the whole front part down to the bottom. There was only one and it was $130 iirc. This is in Deptford, NJ. Happy shopping girls!
  2. good thread idea!!!!
  3. I got the bumblebee demi just a few hours ago from Marshall's! It was the only one left. I love it. It's so cute!
  4. I was just at the TJMaxx in Paramus NJ this weekend and aside from the bag I picked up (there was only one, sorry), I saw the straw bee demis and the attached purse in silver and in black. I think I might go back for the silver, it was just too cute. They were $130. The demi was $80 I think.
  5. San Jose, CA (at Almaden) has a few of the bumblebee demis as well.
  6. Brandywine, DE has the bumble bee bags and a poppy demi in white leather.
  7. Wichita, Ks here.
    They had
    bumble bee demi-at least 5
    1 white leather poppy demi
    2 of the attached picture

    and also the purse that aspy_ps has attached to her post.
    Plus they had the charm purse lanyard.

    I sure did snatch that lanyard
  8. I wish they would have had that cute bag attached to your post at my store! I'd have bought that right up!
  9. They also had a pink pleated hobo a few days ago!
  10. Me too! It's too cute. I have to admit I was really tempted today to buy the Soho flap. I love Soho bags anyway and the price was definitely right but I still have to finish paying for Ali first and really....I just got her last week. Do I really need another new bag at this point? :yes:
  11. I was just at TJ Maxx today and they had a poppy white leather demi for $99.99, multiple bee demis for $79.99, 2 of the same bag that aspy_ps posted in black but they were $149,99 and the scarf print framed clutch in this link which I had to buy even though I have a scarf print hobo that I haven't even used yet.

    I've also recently seen the gold/white signature duffel, white leather poppy tote, and I bought a signature poppy demi which I can't decide if I want to keep. I'm probably going to hit at least 1 or 2 more TJM soon so I'll keep ya posted.

  12. Wow, it's strange that the prices differ from store to store like that. Then again, maybe I should go back and double check the price (though I know I won't leave the store without picking that purse up...hmm..).
  13. Was just at Marshalls a few days ago and they had a poppy demi, a black leather demi, and a bee demi all for $79.99. They also had one bag like aspy_ps attached in black. It was I think $129. I was so tempted to get it (as the retail price on the tag was $358!) but it's not very roomy inside. And plus, now this Marshalls has all the Coach bags locked up with those wires :mad: and you can never find a SA anywhere to unlock them for you.
  14. Wichita,KS here too! :smile: (howdy neighbor). At the east location, I saw the same pink tote (they had 2 of them) and the bumbee demis.

    They also have a black satin and rhinestone Coach clutch for $129 (different from the one aspy_ps attached. I'll try to find a pic) BUT they put the security tag right through the satin fabric of the handbag!:wtf: They have basically ruined that bag because it will now has a hole in it and of course the satin will run and tear because of it.

    I couldn't believe they did that! That poor bag.:crybaby:

    ETA: I found pic of the satin clutch I saw @ TJs
  15. it's the girlish style stuff that I really love about Coach :girlsigh: great find!